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XV is more than just another guy rhyming words into a microphone. He is the epitome of an entertainer, with charisma, Charm, energy and a magnificent story behind all of his music. He is one of today's few artists with true and sincere passion behind his craft and work.


Hip-Hop, which used to be an underground platform for
creative expression, is now one of the most popular styles
in music. Sadly, with Hip Hop’s rising popularity, came
the downfall of its essence. Lyrics and creativity have
taken a backseat to the dance-instructing “rappers”
steering Hip-Hop into the future, which segregates many
artists into sub-genres of the art. Hip-Hop has become
strikingly similar to High School with the hipsters not
eating with the gangsters in the cafeteria and the ballers
not hanging around the conscious rappers in the hallways.
It’s no wonder its so easy for a guy like XV to proclaim
“I don’t fit in!” in this kind of setting.

XV, born Donavan Johnson, an artist obsessed with comic
books, action figures, web surfing, and role-playing video
games, would be classified as a nerd. But his love for
fashion, colorful sneakers, and women disqualify him of
such stereotypes. So the 23-year old lyricist finds himself
playing the same role in the music industry that he played
throughout middle school and high school: the “nobody”
begging to become a “somebody.”

Without any industry backing or management, XV, garnered
the attention of the masses after releasing an array of three
volume plus mixtape series’ such as Royalty City, The
Definition, and The Complex Experiment. The Kansas-born
MC began receiving the support from other up and coming
artists such as The Game, Paul Wall, Maino, Sheek Louch,
and DJs such as Whoo Kid and On Point. XV started to
create a local and major buzz for himself and his record
label, Royalty City, and began recording “Complex.”

The debut album, “Complex,” was met with adequate
reviews from OkayPlayer, URBNet, RapReviews.com, and
many more. The release also peaked at #19 on the
College Radio Hip-Hop charts. XV would go on to grace
the pages of The Source, AllHipHop.com, and Black Beat
Magazine, as well as partnering with MTV in a promotional
campaign for Dell Computers and MTV’s Virtual Worlds.

With the rise of the digital age where anybody can wake up
and become a rapper, Hip-Hop has become crowded with
one-hit wonders. XV, whose name is derived from the
roman numeral 15, which is the age he says he “departed
from Earth to begin a hermit home-life on a fictional planet
he calls Planet Squaria,” has made his mark on the internet
scene. His internet exposure has generated a heavy buzz
and a strong fanbase through some of Hip-Hop’s biggest
blogs such as NahRight, 2dopeboyz.com, HipHopDX,
AllHipHop, among others. He used these outlets to release
the widely conceptual project “The Square in the Circle,”
which includes a guest feature from Lil’ Wayne. XV followed
up by releasing a slew of new music with the internet series
“40 days and 40 nights,” which launched in September of
2008. The concept of the series was to release a brand
new song every morning and every night for 40 consecutive
days through a variety of Hip-Hop websites.

Now, ready to capitalize on his growing buzz, XV wants to
share his story with the world through his new album
entitled, “The Kid with the Green Backpack”. It’s a concept
album inspired by XV’s life in middle school where he was
widely referred to as “the kid with the green backpack,”
rather than his actual name. With the project, he parallels
his life of being a “nobody” in high school to his career in
the music industry, as he sees the two worlds being very
similar to each other. XV’s close friend and producer,
Seven, arranges the entire score to the story that XV
explains as “the Hip-Hop soundtrack to a John Hughes
movie.” The album details every event that lead him to
becoming the superstar alter-ego, “XV”, beginning from a
talk with the school counselor on “Invisible,” to a run-away
pursuit to fulfill his dream on “Losing the Signal,” ending in
an unforgettable prom night on “A Night to Remember.”

As a huge fan of comic books and superheroes, XV has
set the stage for a triumphant story to take place within
this intriguing project. XV finally finds his place amongst
all the gangsters, hipsters, and ballers in Hip-Hop, as
simply, The Kid With The Green Backpack.”


A.D.D. (snippet)

Written By: XV

One day the world will stop moving
But we don't abide by rules.
And everything that we doing.
They told us that we couldn't do.
Everyone said I was different.
Then all the other kids at school.
I never really could pay attention
all I did was just move.

80's Baby, Millienium Teen
My dunks is crazy, but never made the team.
It's never what it seems like you never wore jeans,
And I never ran track but I chased my dream.
So, you should do like, so.
Luckily I had a bright light, bulb.
And MP3'd my whole CD's,
So they jumped on stream of my tight flow.
Fly Boy Flight Control,
That boy's tight, I know!
Born in July, so I'm shootin' for the sky,
and they might get mad if I don't blow.
So, if I don't hit a thing when I bowl this,
I come out the gutter more focused.
Eyes on the pins when I wrote this,
And I don't know if you noticed.

We won't stop like we got A.D.D.
We won't stop like we got A.D.D.
We won't stop like we got A.D.D.
We won't stop cause we can't stop!
We won't stop like we got A.D.D.
We won't stop like we got A.D.D.
We won't stop like we got A.D.D.
We won't stop cause we can't stop!
So move! (Move) So Move! (Move)
So Move! Like you got A.D.D!
So move! (Move) So Move! (Move)
So Move! Like you got A.D.D!
So move! (Move) So Move! (Move)
So Move! Like you got A.D.D!
So move! (Move) So Move! (Move)
So Move! Like you got A.D.D!


"Complex" [LP] (2006)
#2 on the CMJ Top 5 Hip-Hop Adds Chart
#19 on the CMJ Hip-Hop top 40
6 Weeks on the CMJ Top 40 Hip-Hop Charts

Received weekly airplay from:
CJLO Montreal, Quebec
CHYZ Quebec City, Quebec
CILU Thunder Bay, Ontario
CSCR Toronto, Ontario
KCRH Hayward, California
KHDX, Conway, Arkansas
KHSU Arcata, California
KJACK Flagstaff, Arizona
KJCC San Jose, California
KSJS San Jose, California
KSUB Seattle, Washington
KSVR Mt.Vernon, Washington
KTSW San Marcos, Texas
KWCW Walla Walla, Washington
KZUU Pullman, Washington
SCAD Radio Savannah, Georgia
Rainy Dawg Radio Seattle, Washington
WARY-FM Valhalla, New York
WERU-2 East Orland, Maine
WERW Syracuse, New York
WFNP New Paltz, New York
WFWM Frostburg, Maryland
WIRE Norman, Oklahoma
WMCO New Concord, Ohio
WMEB Orono, Maine
WMHB Waterville, Maine
WMRE Atlanta, Georgia
WMUA Amherst, Massachusetts
WNYO New York, New York
WOSP Jacksonville, Florida
WPKN/WPKM FM Bridgeport, Connecticut
WPNR Utica, New York
WPRK Winter Park, Florida
WPUB New York, New York
WQHS Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
WQUB Quincy, Illinois
WRDP Chicago, Illinois
WRIR Richmond, Virginia
WRPI Troy, New York
WTTU Cookeville, Tennessee
WUML Lowell, Massachusetts
WVAU Washington, District of Columbia
WVKC Galesburg, Illinois
WVOF Fairfield, Connecticut
WXCI Danbury, Connecticut
WXIN Providence, Rhode Island

Set List

20-30 minutes
1. Everything Is Cool
2. Mirror, Mirror
3. Vizzy, Vizzy, Vizzy
4. V for Vendetta
5. Long Distance Girlfriend
6. Flying Cars
7. A Night To Remember
8. A.D.D.