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X-TRCT is known for his powerful performances and charismatic personality. He captures crowds with his unique style and brings a new sense of music to the industry. He is an extremely talented lyricist who is on the verge of setting trends throughout our music and culture.


X-TRCT developed a local buzz for himself on the underground street scene in Houston, TX; through his powerful performances and strong stage presence. He gave a stellar performance last year at the 97.9 the BOX music conference. He has been seen performing at numerous clubs and venues including: Club 112, Barcode, Grasshopper, Dipset, Go, and Cardi’s. In his music he has a unique style giving him a distinct sound proving to be one-of-a-kind. X-TRCT brings a new, creative, intuitive sense to Hip-Hop music that is loved and appreciated.
Born to an African father and a Venezuelan mother, X-TRCT was raised on the southwest side of Houston where he began writing poetry. He honed in on his craft through his residences in the Bronx and Los Angeles, where he was exposed to various styles of lyrical interpretation. Shortly thereafter he found his way home in 2002……H-Town, where he’d begin the most exciting journey of his lyrical career.
X is currently in the studio completing his highly anticipated debut release, GOD’S GIFT, scheduled for release in the summer of 2004, but the bulk of his catalog can be heard in H-Town’s underground scene. His styles are comparable to some of the greatest MC’s of all time; it is obvious that X-TRCT is a born legend. With cutthroat precision, X refuses to sugarcoat his lyrics and constantly refers to the reality of today’s life struggles. His lyrics have dubbed him a street politician, the Last Known Prophet, with conscience lyrics that represent the people and culture of Hip-Hop.


"DIS DAT" current single that has received some airplay on KBXX 97.9 in Houston, TX. "DIS DAT" is being performed on the club circuit on a weekly basis in Houston, TX. It will be on the much anticipated album GOD'S GIFT scheduled for release in the summer of 2004.

Set List

1. "DIS DAT"

Normally X-TRCT performs a 15 minute set, but he can do a 30-45 minute set including performances with R.J. (R & B vocalist)