With a Kiss

With a Kiss


A highly-energetic post indie-hardcore rock band that loves to perform for anyone and everyone.


With a Kiss was formed in January of 2005. Before then, Jeremy Walker, the Drummer of With a Kiss, was with an indie-emo touring band called Carson So Sorry for four years. With Carson So Sorry, Jeremy has played with such bands as Coheed and Cambria, Switchfoot, and Something Corporate. After Carson So Sorry, he went on to a short lived band called Post Script Romance and then a band called Subrosia before meeting up with Jason Buck. Jason (known only as "Buck"), was in a metal band from Flint called Undermind for two years. Undermind played many shows throughout Michigan and shared the stage with the band, As I lay dying. Buck then left Undermind and met Jason Sovis. Jason has an extensive vocal and musical background. Majoring in music during college, Jason was involved in various musical projects. Vocally Jason has competed in solo and group competitions with various chamber singers and ac capella choirs. He has also worked in theater and some smaller bands around Flint. Jason left music to pursue independent film and owned an independent film company with 3 of his friends; (Equinox Productions). After Equinox disbanded, while two members moved to Hollywood to work with Columbia pictures and Almost Human FX studio, Jason decided to return to music and met up with Jeremy and Buck to form what would become With a Kiss. After some time, the guys added Walt West & Nick Rodriguez to their line-up to complete their unique sound. The members of With a Kiss started writing music and playing shows. With a Kiss then went into the studio to record their E.P. entitled,..Moving On... With a Kiss is a band that lives every aspect of music. They love to write power-filled music that speaks to people on every level. They perform intense, energetic shows while pouring their hearts out during every performance no matter the number of people. With a Kiss continues to play shows and write new music. With a Kiss completed their first national tour in September 2006, and were very excited to have been able to play stages at Cornerstone Festival, MennoFest, Amped Fest, and CBGB's (NYC) to name a few. They plan to continue to tour nationally with their E.P. Produced by Marc Hudson (Taking Back Sunday,Chiodos,Saves The Day) entitled, "Let's Go From Here..."


"Lets Go From There" E.P. 2007
-Song, "When We Hurt The Ones We Love" radio airplay & on Myspace.com

"Moving On" E.P. 2006
Strife Without Love
And Then It Was Over-
internet, radio & Myspace airplay

Set List

Normal Set- 40-45 minutes
-Musical Intro-
We Dont Run From What Were Afraid of (Part 1)
We Dont Run From What Were Afraid of (Part 2)
Between You And Failure
When We Hurt The Ones We Love
Would You Call This a Tradgey
It Was Hard Enough Just Getting To Know You
-Musical Outro-