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Houston, TX | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | SELF

Houston, TX | SELF
Established on Jan, 2015
Solo Hip Hop Alternative





Roger Thomas III, also known as Wlk {walk} the Poet, a member of Triple P (Prairie View’s Productive Poets), notes his favorite poet to be Daniel Beatey. Beatey’s poem, “Knock, Knock” had the words to initiate the gift of words inside of Wlk the Poet. More of his greatest influences include Saul Williams, Cross Movement, Erika Badu, The Fugees, A Tribe Called Quest, Childish Gambino, and Kendrick Lamar.

Wlk the Poet, is a 21-year old, graduating senior who is majoring in Mass Communications at Prairie View A&M University. He was born in Los Angeles, California, but has found his place in Houston, Texas.

Being homeschooled for all of his grade school years, Wlk the Poet, sought out a place that would empower him as well as make him feel at home. He accepted an almost full ride scholarship to Prairie View A&M in 2012. He then began to nurture his love for poetry.

Wlk the Poet has been an on-air personality with KPVU 91.3 radio and has written, directed, and acted in several shows which aired on KPVU-TV. He was also Mr. Prairie View A&M 2014-2015. In addition to these accomplishments, Wlk the Poet recently performed with Sway in the Morning during SXSW in Austin, TX. He is currently planning a show to showcase the talents of a variety of artists. Dates and times for this event have not yet been announced. For more information about Wlk the Poet, visit him on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Soundcloud. - zondrasfreshmedia

"Reviews: WLK, FKE FRNDS (Prod. By CatSlash) by Rebecca Cullen May 18, 2018"

Speeding through the airwaves in a manner that falls somewhere between Korn and Tyler, the Creator, WLK offers his unique take on musicality and lyricism in a bold way throughout the EP THE GRY. The collection hits hard and presents audiences with a series of undertones that touch on real issues and perspectives – the leading artist holds nothing back on delivery, and the single FKE FRNDS is a pretty strong starting point for all of this.

For a project that deals with the strain of heartbreak on our mental health, THE GRY is a pretty fitting title. Nothing is quite black and white in these areas, there’s a lot between the lines, and in addition, the world often loses a lot of its colour during times of turmoil. FKE FRNDS isn’t necessarily the most personally connected to this concept, or at-least it doesn’t seem that way on first listen. When you experience the whole EP in full though, beginning with the heart-breakingly honest, spoken-word-driven title track, each moment hits with a little more poignancy. FKE FRNDS means a whole lot more when it appears within the playlist that is THE GRY.

Musically, the CatSlash effect on this track brings about a definitely characterful ambiance – even within the project this is one of the more striking and industrially heavy compositions. It suits the angst and attitude of WLK’s performance and the high energy repetition of his delivery brilliantly. The whole thing quickly develops into this hypnotic, dark, all-encompassing instance of artistry – cleverly creating around you a somewhat uncomfortable or difficult head-space, thus reflecting the underlying sentiment of the project in a mighty way. - Stereo Stick Man

"Review: WLK "The GRY""

During the year of development of his work, a Houston artist managed to release six releases and try himself in a variety of genres: from Jazz, Blues and Soul to R & B, Pop and Electronics. However, the deserved audience at least a couple of thousand, he still could not collect.

The last mini-album WLK performed in the experimental for its creativity style, bringing to it elements of the directions that impressed him throughout the past year.

Most of the EP was produced by the composer CatSlash, known for many electronics lovers with his non-standard approach to writing instruments and a passion for deep, dark sound. This is combined with the lyrics of the tracks and dynamic performance makes the mini-album "The Gry" so gloomy and depressing. - LIMB

"Rapture & Verse: May 2018"

“Emotional damage, you know I’m a vet” – at the junction of heartbreak ridge and breaking point, WLK’s ‘The Gry’ EP is a bid for survival knocking you sideways: industrially scalded, claustrophobic in surround sound, and lashing out when rationality evaporates. - Rapture & Verse

"Review: WLK "FKE FRINDS""

Houston, Texas-based recording artist WLK is a ball of energy by himself. His two-week-old song is a stunning short look into the mental health post heartbreak that comes from his seven-track EP entitled, "THE GRY" More importantly, I Don't want any 'FKE FRINDS' either, so I concur. When he makes the sound at 1:08, I felt that. - Grunge Cake


Still working on that hot first release.



Budding artist WLK has an unprecedented talent for stage performance and crowd control. Always engaging, this maturing talent out of Houston, TX regularly pushes the boundaries with his genre switching expressions. Never one for form, he prides himself on the authenticity and skill of his performance regardless of genre, pushing fearlessly into hip hop, R&B, Neo-Soul, Digital electronica, and broader scopes of music yet and still. His studied scopes of art include theater and poetry/spoken word.

Born out of Los Angeles, CA, WLK moved with his family to Houston a rough 10 years ago . He studied communications at Prairie View A&M University and graduated in 2016. 

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