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The best kept secret in music


"Start Xxrubbing"

XXRub - “Someday Never Comes”

The term XX Rub (the brainchild of Bassist Robert Calixto) is a fictitious menthol- smelling talc that – when applied from head to toe – will shield you from THEM. THEM, of course is anyone or anything that will hurt or corrupt you. The band XX Rub, just getting its legs, explores similar themes of absolution, devotion, redemption, and facing demons in its debut CD, Someday Never Comes.

What you might expect from two blokes who met in church (Calixto and Lead Vocalist, Johnny H – who is very open about his journey toward sobriety in his solo-written “Sometimes in the Sun” and “I Can Hardly Wait”), is a collection of traditional Christian Rock chord progressions and predictable worship choruses & cymbal brush exits. You know, “Lord I Love You,” “Lord I Thank You,” “Lord You Heal Me,” now let’s rock.

XX Rub (who also features Steven Lopez on guitars) is more multidimensional – thank God. And although Someday Never Comes might work as an evangelical piece and contains Biblical references throughout, it won’t let you confine it to one little box or market. This is great news. It means that this band – whose influences include The Who, U2, The Stray Cats, Elvis Presley, Pink Floyd, and Maná – recognizes that the powerful themes it is playing with will also resonate with a secular audience.

The CD reflects the Rub’s influences, but more to the heart of it – their formative stage as a band. It is eclectic as hell: “Where is the Love’s” Punk-Pop sound is juxtaposed with “Sometimes in the Sun’s” forceful vocals and guitars. (They riddle you like bullets.). “Nowhere” begins with the exact same two guitar strums that kick off AC/DC’s “You Shook Me All Night Long,” but then (sweet relief) turns into the most catchy ballad with a lingering, sentimental close.
“The Mystery of Suffering” benefits from ambient guitar solos. You can see how with their new drummer (25 year old Chuck Campos) to round out the Rub, they will soon form their own cohesive style. The pieces are all in place, and the potential is sho’ nuff there – Campos, as I understand it is sort of a wunderkind prodigy.

Most of Someday Never Comes’ words and music were written by Calixto, and he at times contributes a marked Latin approach to lyrics: (My Little Frida Kahlo…Come Fly with Me…Are you ready, ready to go? My little dark moon sunshine…why did u lie?), and sound (I really want to hear Lila Downs tackle the title track en Espanol – yummy.).

Calixto also enhances the ending of Johnny H’s “I Can Hardly Wait” with sweet, sweet acoustic guitar. However, the “ping ping” staccato and jazzy bass are a tough act to follow. They frame the song with a meditative tempo and vibe. This is a perfect fit. “I Can Hardly Wait” is a plea, a prayer, a call to arms, and a poem. If you have ever begged God to deliver you from ANY pain, you can relate to it. If you listen to this CD, check out this tune. And if you ever wondered what might have happened to Jim Morrison had he gotten sober, he might have written something like this. Johnny H’s (like Jim’s) roots are clearly in poetry.

Whatever these guys sound like as they evolve as a group, and however deep their themes are, one thing is certain. This stuff is catchy. You will hum it. You will whistle it, and you will want to stop. That’s gotta be good.

Give this CD a whirl. Start XX Rubbing.
- Erikah

"A Message of Hope"

XXrub is not just for coating a person for protection but also the healing balm of music for the ailments of the soul in the millennium. It’s the new rolling rock of salvation, not just “stones”, but a mixture of all kind of geo-metamorphic rock there is in this planet! In his latest debut the lead singer “Johnny H” expresses himself “rocktistically” enhanced and powered by the guidance of the spirit. Striking down like a lightning, a “burning bush” while performing. He accents the stage with his famous moves, styles from a holy mixture of top famous rock and roll artists like Elvis, Axle Rose with the sweetness of the voice of John Lennon when singing ballads and slow rock. Now don’t forget the foundation of this healing band, the bass player Rob plucking those strings like series of heart beats, beating their way out of his guitar. Steven, “the screamer” lets his guitar scream to the fullest, with a piercing cry, uttering, screams of redemption, and fear to the Lord. The music won’t have its down beat without its drum player Chocs, with his rolling beats, clashing sounds of the cymbals; surely, earthquake won’t stop him, he will be the one to start it, redemption is near!
The album is an exquisite, alternative Christian rock music that sends a message of hope, renewal, reason of living, being lost, being in love!. The music is deepen by the words by the composers poetic lyrics derived from their rough, broken dark roads and trials searching for the light, leading their way back into it, the love of God!
Whether your feeling lost or in that dark road, or just plainly tired of the rock music from the same old station that you always listen too… Give this new album a chance to uplift you to a different pace of rock music. Do I smell menthol? Wait, I’ve got XXrub in me

Jim McCarthy
- Jim McCarthy

"Refreshing new rock music!"

I listened to this CD after their Sat Feb 17th performance at BB Kings at Universal City Walk. This band explores different rock genres without sounding repetitive. Excellent lyrics as well as vocals are a rarity these days. Creative, refreshing acoustic and rock riffs make this the next band we are going to be following on KROQ but will not be limited as they explore different genres.

- Mike Johns


"Someday Never Comes" - released Jan 2007 (xxrub's first full-length cd)


Feeling a bit camera shy


The Rubs met at a church in Alhambra, California in the summer of 2000. Johnny was a cantor and Rob taught Sunday classes to the church youth group. Rob had many songs he had written, mostly about God, people’s problems, and just about every single broken relationship he’d ever had! Johnny, who also wrote songs, about redemption, salvation, and scary demons trying to take him down, eventually met with Rob to share their songs and personal views. They became friends, and vowed someday to take over the Rock & Roll world!

In 2002, Rob met Steven through his Sunday classes. Both shared the love of music and they eventually played guitar for the church. In the fall of 2005, all three would collaborate to form a rock band. With Johnny singing, Steven on guitar, and Rob on bass, they performed acoustic sets nearby, but still could not finalize an official band name. Rob then “formulated” a story about a cure-all menthol formula, a “rub” that will cure the world of all its ailments, and called it: XXRUB (a book and a movie soon to follow!)

XXRUB officially got off the ground in February 2006. They would play a few concerts with great response, but evidently the public need for a “finished product” was absolute! In September 2006, the band recorded what is now “Someday Never Comes” in Rob’s home studio, and had it mixed and mastered with GR Productions in Anaheim California. “Someday Never Comes”, released January 2007, complete with thought-provoking lyrics, with catchy and captivating choruses, is a “musical work of art” according to many who’ve heard the album! It is totally ready for commercial success and worldwide sales! The band also found a full-time drummer in Luis Campos, a 25-year-old music prodigy from Mexico who is also an established drum teacher. Currently, XXRUB has been busy playing various venues all over Southern California. They are looking forward to touring in the fall or winter of 2007!