Kingscliff, New South Wales, AUS

Blind Lemon has evolved from hardworking journeymen to one of SE Qld’s most respected Blues/Roots/Rock acts. The fluid and funky Blind Lemon engine room has established an enviable platform for the twin peaks of singer/harmonica player Jamie Symons and Strat wrangler Harvey to work their magic.


"Blind Lemon takes to the stage and a charismatic harmonica immediately ignites uniform foot-stomping. Their raucous blend of boogie and burning blues licks is exhilarating; the harmonica mesmerizes at every unpredictable turn. The wailing guitar and howling harmonica share centre-stage and complement each other perfectly. Blind Lemon are an early highlight latecomers will regret missing”. Justin Grey, Time Off Magazine.

Blind Lemon wowed audiences at Blues on Broadbeach Festival May 2010, with the release of their newest album 'Drinkers' Lament' (May 2010). Playing an emotional and highly charged set that no-one expected.

Delivering their most diverse album to date Blind Lemon are on a huge tour of the East Coast of Australia to present the new album. Set to play central QLD & Mackay, Strakebroke Island Jazz and Blues Festival, QLD's Festival of Blues, Sunshine Coast Blues Festival, Riversands Jazz in Boots and Blues Festival and a tour to the cenral coast of NSW over the next 6 months till the end of 2010.

Blind Lemon has evolved from hardworking journeymen to one of SE Qld’s most respected acts. The fluid and funky Blind Lemon engine room has established an enviable platform for the twin peaks of singer/dynamic harp player Jamie Symons and Strat-wrangler Harvey to work their magic.

Deriving elements from the earthy sounds of the '40's and '50's blues masters, the magic of '90's & current crop of successful blues and roots artists, soulful feel of '60's and '70's British blues and a new twist on electric harmonica to make your ears prick up. They are taking it a step up and to the left.

Blind Lemon has wowed the fans at music festivals up and down the East Coast including Byron Bay Blues and Roots, and at the Gympie Music Muster. In May 2010 their electric live performances of their new album Drinker’s Lament at Blues On Broadbeach (which they have appeared at since its inception in 2001) was a welcomed surprise to all those in attendance and added to the bands huge following. In 2008 the band won the Blues Association of South East Queensland’s prestigious Performer of the Year award and as a result was a knock-out at the Australian Blues Music Festival in Goulburn early in 2009. Recently their songs ‘Sugar Box’, ‘Little Girl’ were highly commended in 2010 Q-Song awards.

With Australia wide airplay on triple J, the 4th album (Drinkers' Lament) released 2010, has a blues foundation with a diverse edge featuring songs which are darker, edgier and they encompass all the drama and energy that is so evident in Blind Lemon’s live performances.


Sugar Box

Written By: Jamie Symons

Oh yeah I got to get me some of that sugar box
Ain’t nothing finer than that little sugar box
Let me tell you what I’m gonna do

Gonna open it and dig right in
If you want me to stop
You got to tell me when
Ain’t gonna hide it away everyday
Have a party and stay

Oh yeah I’m all caught up in that sugar box
Gonna tell you what I’m going to do with that sugar box
Hear what I’m gonna do.




Drinkers Lament

Written By: Jamie Symons


The moon shines down
On this shanty town
I was not to know
That my love had turned around

She had always told me
Not to stray or there would be
More trouble than I,
Could ever foresee

To the waterhole I stroll
The future I did not know
Fate was now to deal me
A chance to be free

The liquor flowed on
Drunken fools all sung
She came from behind
Stabbed me with a cold steel knife


To my knees I fell
Gushing blood I did smell
Then I lay down
My still heart on the ground

As I lay there
No one could even care
The stars blinded
On my way home,
‘La La, La La, La La’.

Stick Around Town

Written By: Jamie Symons


I know this evil child
She makes me feel oh so wild
We go down the back of the flat
She gonna show me all that
Funky thing she’s putting down
It’s the type of stuff that makes you stick around town.

All good things come to an end
Don’t try hold on and don’t pretend
All good things come to an end
If we only knew how, if we only knew when.

I’m sure there’d be a better place.
But check this smile.


Drinkers' Lament. May 2010
Bit 'o Juice. February 2009
Squeezin' The Lemon. 2006
Blind Lemon. 2003