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Flashy, club-based hip hop with a sinister edge. Snoop Dog meets Jedi Mind Tricks.


MC. Producer. Promoter. The multi-talented Vancouver-based MC XYL(pronounced ?eExile?f) began his journey into hip-hop at the age of ten, listening to groups such as the Beastie Boys, Public Enemy and Run DMC. Intrigued by what he heard, XYL began writing his own verses. As time went by, he shaped his own lyrical style and perfected his flow. Having built up skill in guitar, piano, bass and drums, XYL set to recording the musical ideas inside of his head.

XYL?fs new EP, ?eMake Way?f, heralds a bold sound with massive, danceable beats and radio-quality production while still maintaining an elevated level of musicianship. ?gPlay any track from this CD in any club and people will move.?h XYL stresses, ?gThis is a dance-based record with intelligent lyrics. Those two elements are not often combined.?h His smooth-as-velvet flow and spine-shaking beats prove that Canada has something big to offer to the hip-hop world.

XYL has also become active as a show promoter in Vancouver. Each month he organizes and performs at 'Wordz From Tha Underground', one of the most popular live hip hop events in the city. "I strongly believe that understanding the business aspects of music is a very important part of being a performer," says XYL. The next step? A Canadian-wide tour set for late summer 2007. ?gI really feel I?fm ready to do the live circuit and raise some awareness of my music here in Canada.?h

With the release of the Make Way EP looming, XYL will continue to strive, hitting live shows and preparing for the recording of his first full-length LP. This MC will never back down until the world has heard his voice.


Twisted Genius (EP) - August 2006
Make Way (EP) - Coming soon, 2007

Set List

25-30 minute set list, 7 songs.

1. Prolly Drunk
2. Lionheart
3. Power of Words
4. Way of the Samurai
5. XYL's Attack
6. A Different Place, A Different Time
7. Make Way