New York City, New York, USA

Xylofaux presents you with melodious and heartfelt songs carried by intricate rhythms and warm electronic textures. A dynamic mix of music and lyrics that will pull at your heart strings and push buttons in your head.


Like a maze cut from a midwestern cornfield, xylofaux’s music leads and misleads its listeners through a myriad of musical and emotional twists and turns. The focus not being to find the final outlet, but to embrace the journey and connect with those fumbling around you. Sonically and lyrically, this insightful and intelligent Brooklyn trio blurs the edges of genres, and strives to shine new light on the increasingly disenchanted and perfunctory way our culture has come to experience music.

“Their music restores our faith in the fact that amongst the hoards of mediocre indie set-ups flooding the radar as of late, there are still a few diamonds in the rough, making music that actually means something.” - The Owl Mag

Xylofaux’s upcoming release, “Circuitry”, is already proving to be the band’s most moving and energetic music to date. For this record, xylofaux teamed up with engineer/producer Shane O’Connor who is known for his live in-studio recordings. “Circuitry” was tracked live at Seaside Lounge Recording Studios (Brooklyn, NY) and mixed at The Buddy Project (Queens, NY). The result is a record that has captured xylofaux’s true brilliance and is a testament to the pure energy that the band brings to their stellar live performances.

Before their reformation in New York, this trio of musicians, who are now xylofaux were just boys from Illinois making music in basements and smoking cigarettes amidst the banks of the Mississippi River. Then life happened, time passed, people changed, friends grew closer, friends moved apart, the earth turned, minds spun, technology boomed, things exploded and when the dust settled we all found ourselves glassy-eyed and dizzy hoping to pick up the pieces and put them together in the prettiest way possible. For Blake Carr (bass/vox), Andy Ross (drums), and Kyle Tigges (guitar/vox), all the pieces have begun to settle and xylofaux is the picture they continue to paint.

Keep your ears tuned in to this band, and they will be sure to pull at your heart strings and push buttons in your head.


Xylofaux - Likelife (2010)

Xylofaux - Circuitry (2012)

Set List

We are constantly writing new material and revising old. We are currently able to play two 45 minute sets (or one long set) of entirely original music.