Catchy vocal melodies,Memorable Riffs and lyrics that anyone can relate to.That’s the Xzamen everyone is growing to love.The four young musicians have the drive and determination to fulfill the childhood dream and make it reality.Making friends,fans,music and memories,that’s what its all about.


With intricate harmonies, and catchy rhythms, Xzamen is hitting the South-Eastern states with the pop-punk sound known to bring energy to every show, and excitement to every fan. Even listeners of other genres can’t deny that the clever lyrics, and heartfelt melodies will leave at least one xzamen song repeating itself in your head after attending a show, or listening to one of these boys hard-earned cd’s.
Originally a cover band formed in 2001, Xzamen is now a pop-punk quartet hailing from the northern reaches of the Atlanta metro area. Facing member losses, and financial difficulties, the group has hurdled over every obstacle with a new found determination to reach their lifelong goal of melodies, memories, friends, and fun.
Now utilizing the talents of David Fortner (Guitar/Vocals), Chase Genn (Guitar/Vocals), BJ Formella (Bass/Vocals), and Breck Blanchard (Drums); the group turns it’s focus to reach the ears of surrounding states and beyond. Also using the accomplishments of their past (Second place finalists of the 2005 Emergenza International Battle of the Bands) as fuel, Xzamen’s dedication goes on long after their last chord of their last song is played. Each member’s free time is spent on anything to promote their art, from booking shows and assembling tours, to building relationships with other bands and even their own fans. The band Just finished recording 15 tracks (in 8 days) that will be featured on thier highly anticipated CD, “Forgive Me”. Even though facing recording difficulties, and scheduling conflicts, the band still perseveres, making all efforts possible to assure that this project will not fall short of their combined visions.
Among other achievements, Xzamen has had several of their songs recognized over the media by radio, television, live web-casts, and news articles. Yet the exposure hasn’t stopped there! Xzamen also expects to have airplay on stations such as 105.3 “The Buzz” (Atlanta, GA), 93.3 (Columbia, SC), and 96.7 (Greenville, SC). Upon the completion of their new CD to be released July 12th 2006, Xzamen plans on finally extending their voice to both major and independent record labels. Judging by their refusal to accept defeat with trials past, rest assured that Xzamen will be heard by kids across America, and then some, in the near future! With the dream, the dedication, and talent to match; “Xzamen” will be next name printed on the marquees across the US.



She's Everything

Written By: Xzamen

With those eyes she's so hard to get over.
When she laughs I just simply adore her.
And I although I'd do anything for her, I wish that I had told her, that I care.

Verse I
But it's not easy, cause' when she looks at me I can't think clearly.
And when she smiles, it always puts me at ease.
And if I died right then it wouldn't bother me, it'd never bother me.
But I can't let go.

With those eyes she's so hard to get over.
When she laughs I just simply adore her.
And although I'd do anything for her.
I wish that I had had told her that she's everything

Verse II
But it's not easy, cause' when she looks at me I can't think clearly.
And when she smiles, it always puts me at ease.
And if I died right then it wouldn't bother me, it's never bother me.
I dare for her to fall asleep when she feels lonely.
Would she think of me?
And would her dreams, would they consist of me?
Cause I dream of her constantly, but I can't let go.

Can I kiss your cheek?
If I promise you not to speak.
And if you promise to be honest with everything.

College Bound

Written By: Xzamen

I don’t want to let go, i just want you to listen, Listen to all my thoughts, you had it all going on , I thought you wanted to glisten, Glisten with all your heart, But now i’m standing alone and you’ve got thoughts of permission, permission to say goodbye, and i could cry and go home, and you can finish your mission, mission to be alone

(1st verse)
i remember in july on that saturday night i ripped my heart out ,
i swore thered come a day when your lips would say my name and how you felt

(1st pre chorus)
you said you felt the same then you kissed me in a way that made it all feel so worth while.just to see your smile

(2 verse)
now that graduations gone and all my friends have moved along im left so alone, these thoughts i cant erase THIS image of your face but theyre not hard to replace,

(2nd pre-chorus)
i miss you most of all and the long distance calls are breaking me now i can see, we wont make it after all

And I wanted to feel that way forever, everytime i saw you i felt better, now college is taring us apart

All our memories are gone, still i’ll keep you close to me, sign my year book when im gone youll have to move on, but i will wait for you to see , that you need me, you’re why i breath


Our "forgive Me" CD ( featuring 15 tracks) will be complete in July 2006
3 songs off of the Forgive Me CD(My Bad, She's Everything and College Bound) are listed on our audio section.

Set List

30minute - 2 hour sets