Y69 rips original punk rock with a flavor all there own . Pushing the envelope of the conventional "Punk Rock Sound". With catchy lyrics, and a high energy performance; Y69 can turn a funeral into an explosive event.


Y69 has been together since 2001, busting out Track after track of music. After a small hiatus in 2004 Y69 is back on the road. Get ready for the new music from VT most innovative punk rock band. The group includes Chris on bass, Glen on guitar,and Greg on the drums. Y69 has recorded everything they've written. With enough tracks to make 4 Cd's and some to spare. The music is influenced by everything from Willie Nelson to Bouncing Souls to the Doors.
Y69 has played across the country(check past calender). You can check out Y69 ripping it up, and having a good time in a city/town near you. Y69 is a truly live experience, and you never know what your going to get.
3 guys/one van....what could happen???


Bands Across America Vol.1(Downline Records)
Another Boring Christmas Comp(independent)
Y69 Live from NJ(independent)
Better off Dead(independent)
Still Breathing(independent)spring 2006
Because we're Low(independent)Fall 2007

Set List

30 to 45 minute Sets
Typical Set: get ready to make some noise and have a few beers. We go non stop for 30-45 minutes. We put on an energetic Punk Rock Show

Get the Fuck out
I Know You
Because we're Low
Just as fucked as me
Way to Long
Roxy Town
Spark a Bowl
Piece of Shit
just can't take it
never be the same
whiskey won't do
-New tracks coming soon for new Album fall 2007-