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"Northeast Intune Magazine Review"

The band Y69 are classic punk rock if there is such a term. They use simple guitar, gritty vocals, and intense drums all at fast paced tempo. They are built for performing live. After listening to a couple of songs the biggest complaint is the similarity that exists. Most of them start with fast guitar strumming and then bring in the almost inaudible, gritty vocals. After further investigation, however, they are able to occasionally switch it up and slow down the pace to make things interesting. Because of these things, however, it is difficult to want to listen to the band any other way than live. The guys play with a lot of energy, which makes them performance friendly, but there is something about them that makes it very difficult to want to sit down and put there CD on to listen to while you play video games, or whatever else it is that you would do.

The bands influences are fairly obvious with Rancid, NOFX, Less Than Jake and MXPX clearly ringing through all of which are great bands. It is because of this obvious influence that their description of themselves must be discredited. The claim: “Y69 has been together since 2001, busting out new and innovative punk rock.� Sorry guys, but there is nothing innovative about what you are doing. Credit must be given where it is due though. The band has been able to mesh these styles well to become a fun band to listen to.

Give them a shot. You might not want to sit around when you listen to them but this is good music if you are in the right setting.
- By: Tom Williamson

"Band of week(Y69 Music review)"

Songs Reviewed
"Reality Check," "Empty Song" & "The Game."

These Vermont natives truly define old school punk. With a sound resembling NoFX, they're out to prove punk's not dead. "Reality Check" is the perfect example of this. With crashing drums and vigorous guitar beats, this song is astounding. Another great tune by these rockers is "Empty Song." This song reminds me of something Rancid would come out with. Though the chorus is a bit slow, this song will have you on your feet in no time. "The Game" is yet another example of their passion. You can clearly hear everything in harmony in this song. Great job, guys.

Four Stars!
http://www.myspace.com/pmusicr - Torrance-http://www.myspace.com/pmusicr

"Seven Days CD REVIEW"

Published on (http://www.7dvt.com)

Y69, Because We’re Low
(Self-released, CD)

Because We’re Low, from Burlington punkers Y69, is humbly presented as a burned CD. Handwritten, two-tone album art and credits — band members Glenn, Greg and Chris are listed by first name only — contribute to the sense of informality. Though initially underwhelming, the bare-bones aesthetic suits the music, which similarly eschews any over-thinking.

Y69 have assembled a collection of stark, earnestly delivered punk-rock anthems. And make no mistake, every song is a would-be anthem. Save for a hidden track — which we’ll get to — the 18-minute disc is full of urgent, desperate verses and triumphant sing-along choruses. In fact, by album’s end, I’m convinced there isn’t a sentiment in the world Y69 can’t express as an anthemic sing-along.

The album opens with “Way To Long” [sic], in which the singer — either Glenn or Chris — laments he’s been thinking about an ex-lover for, well, way too long. Typo aside, the message of moving on from emotional stagnation is a universal musical concern.

The next song, “Get the Fuck Out,” offers a similar theme of escape. This time, though, we’re not dealing with stifled romance. “I’m not righteous, that you can believe,” the singer admits, before adding, “You’ve got to leave right. You’ve got to leave right now.”

The title song follows. Featuring a frenzied, shuffling beat, it is unique to the set. However, anyone unsettled by the departure from the disc’s established sound need only wait for the chorus: a familiar anthemic sing-along.

The album’s low point, “Whiskey Won’t Do,” is awkward, to say the least. Where other songs deal with relatable states of angst, despair and indignant anger, here we have the refrain: “Shot of fucking whiskey, that won’t fucking do / shot of fucking whiskey, I want to fucking screw / shot of fucking whiskey, leave that shit for me / shot of fucking whiskey, get down on your knees.” So, will whiskey, in fact, do? I’m confused.

The album’s epilogue is a recording of a prank phone call. The victim is a woman, initially disbelieving and annoyed as the perpetrators — presumably Y69 — repeatedly ask where she is. When she finally admits, “Winooski,” everybody laughs. Perhaps not the best way to end an album, it illustrates that the band could benefit from growth in a broader sense.

Because We’re Low’s most endearing qualities are its more introspective moments, delivered with apparent sincerity. Brimming with nascent potential, Y69 seem to enjoy being unapologetic and crass about who they are. But the tedious repetitiveness of their songwriting leads one to question just how much the band actually has to say.


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http://www.7dvt.com/2008/y69-because-we-re-low - Herb van der Poll


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Y69 has been together since 2001, busting out Track after track of music. After a small hiatus in 2004 Y69 is back on the road. Get ready for the new music from VT most innovative punk rock band. The group includes Chris on bass, Glen on guitar,and Greg on the drums. Y69 has recorded everything they've written. With enough tracks to make 4 Cd's and some to spare. The music is influenced by everything from Willie Nelson to Bouncing Souls to the Doors.
Y69 has played across the country(check past calender). You can check out Y69 ripping it up, and having a good time in a city/town near you. Y69 is a truly live experience, and you never know what your going to get.
3 guys/one van....what could happen???