BandHip Hop

Versatile,I don't have one set style simply because I wright about what goes on in my life and since different situations arise it allows me to channel that into different styles of rap which is what i think the industry is missing right now.


Well I am 27 years old and I have been rapping since i was 10. I've performed at numerous events at an early age and I learned the hard way about how this industry is so I learned a whole lot really fast. There is only one word that would describe my style and that is versatile. I rap about my life,what I've seen, been through or around. I want to get the world back to listening and making real music. I'm not trying to diss anyone or anything like that because I respect everyone's hustle,but I grew up on scarface,ugk,geto boys,fif ward boys,jay-z,just to name a few so I want to get real music back into the industry.



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i have a video on youtube called "never endin mission", i just finished a mixtape that will be out at the end of this month as well, and i'm about to shoot another video.I was in this group called L.S.D. a few years back that was based out of harrisburg pennsylvania we had the city on lock in every aspect. We released two albums but the one that made the most noise was "ghetto life".

Set List

Heads Up,Never Endin Mission,Rumors,Get A Grip,Whatcha Made Of. A normal set lasts about 15-20 minutes but I am willing to negotiate because I can definately go longer and if need be I am willing to cut some things short.