Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
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Yaakov is an alternative rapper born in Minneapolis and going to Yale in New Haven, CT. He creates songs about his world and the larger universe that we all move through. He emphasizes connection with his audience through fun and moving shows. He's a founding member of dispossessed.Records (MPLS).


Yaakov is an alternative rapper born in Minneapolis and currently living in New Haven, CT studying at Yale University. Yaakov spent a number of years disgusted with the music he heard on the radio and backlashed against that music until his friend Paul Thompson introduced him to local Minnesota hip hop acts like Atmosphere, Doomtree and Brother Ali. This new exposure flourished into a regained appreciation for all types of hip hop and a love of music across genres. However, it was this original alternative Minneapolis hip hop scene that most shaped and influenced Yaakov's musical development.

Yaakov took a year to travel through Europe, South America and Ethiopia. These travels contributed as much to his personal and spiritual growth as to his musical growth. When he returned to the U.S. he founded dispossessed.Records with fellow artists Paul Thompson and Z and music and business head Sean Baddeley. This collective of artists fostered new musical direction, raucous Minneapolis shows and groundbreaking creativity.

Yaakov then began studying at Yale University where he was exposed to a new underground music scene on the East Coast since Yaakov has been at school he has performed in house basements and dorm rooms. He is also a part of Yale's Teeth Slam Poets, a competitive slam poetry group on campus. Utilizing Yale's recording studios he has developed a more professional sound without sacrificing the organic quality of his music.


Paul Wellstone

Written By: Yaakov

It's the High School Teacher who never sees cash
But believes he has the reach to put some kids on the right path

Minnesota farmer losing money every year
Family produced produce sown from the fear

Laborers who form the country's backbone
know home food and family is all you need to own

All the teenagers who still read books
and the high school girls who don't bother with their looks

Migrant laborer called illegal and alien
Deported, apparently his life wasn't salient
Now, no one wants that job though
Wouldn't have been a big deal if he was canadian

This song goes out to all the librarians

Family agrarians and fairy men

Minorities who know that discrimination's structural

all the congresspeople who never were corruptible

All the failing in school ADHD kids
Who don't fuck with pills because they'd rather be creative

All the citizens of New Orleans and Haiti
We've got to come together now, lines are for waiting

Freshman college student who knows why he's there
First in the family to finally get a share
And all the rest of us who have no idea
Just trying to live right now

(Interlude- Laugh)

It's for the

Faithful believers who do more than just pray
Ethical atheists who fight all forms of hate

Kid reading books in the cell he's locked on
Caught dealing dope, had no other options

Sailers fishermen and life on the docks

The blind jumping all the world's stumbling blocks

(Interlude- Education)

It's for the
Social worker, that knows she's the safety net
35 years and she hasn't burned out yet

Proud gay teen parents kicked him out the house
Bullied everyday, only sure about his doubt
Friends who held his hand when he first came out
showed those homophobes what this century's about

Sober alcoholics who spend everyday struggling
vices tear nice, care more about their loved ones

Public radio and public schools
kids affirm humanity by breaking the rules

All the starving artists that are harvesting their craft
Barroom comedians who go broke to make us laugh

All the toddlers still only speaking god
It's for all the stigmatized feminist broads

all the little kids still trying to save the world
once they wrap that up they'll go chase after girls

(Interlude- Poverty)

It's for the occupy protester still out freezing
Breathing tear gas but she does it for a reason
Magnanimous madness, she does it for reason
Embodying democracy, getting called treason


Written By: Yaakov

Don't make assumptions about our bliss, our issues exist
Kids here kill themselves because they don't get into colleges
Depression, rough lessons and unlocked Smith and Wessons
Problems not addressed and our cars are all air freshened
Messin up comes with the territory
We used to play king of the hill, as an allegory
Aspirations are drunk, that bar is in the clouds
And we don't all get a share when the success bus comes around
If that's you, you're forgotten about
Down and out and left out with no friends to help those doubts
Crowds, scare us unless they all look like us
We put reality in a cage so that the world won't bite us
Sheltered, doesn't even describe it
Living under a rock so long that I'm sightless
Plato's predictions seem a little anachronistic
Read the paper for breakfast and then it's back to business

Our streets are curved,
We learn our verbs,
Haven't you heard,
Don't talk to her,
That dude's a nerd,
Stressed life's a blur,
One thing's for sure, I don't have a cure
Watch T.V., don't read
Except magazines
Not heard, just seen
Skinny bleached nice jeans
Dirty words get cleaned
Blame these angsty teens
One thing's for sure, I don't have a cure

Find it hard to believe a single word some lips pray,
Erase the texts that say give your wealth away
Surrounded by possessions with nothing to hold on to
That's why I weave myself through these words I say
No matter how my day is, I say I'm doing great
I live no Facebook, so I'm up too late
Always talk on the internet, never out loud
So when I see you face to face, I kinda forgot how
Got their hopes riding on me, but their weight is heavy
Y'all trust that I'll do what I must to stay steady
But maybe I'm not ready, we take our culture by the teaspoon
Wait for things to happen, as long as it will be soon
It's what you show, not know, yeah I know that
But can't grow, too slow, take blow in knapsacks
Money grows on trees, we still rip off racks
Just to feel a live, because we ain't taught that


Fox News makes you mad, half our long rant
Do something once in four years, you're a democrat
What makes me mad is hating on Obama
We've got healthcare AND you can tell if you wanna
Trying to solve the problems president Bush let us
That's too much credit, wasn't supposed to be president
Hope, doesn't mean he'll change everything,
But you don't care about the country if you won't do anything
Protest child labor but we love our walmart
Sexist friend's birthday, here's that hallmark
First throw darts, then we put up our mark
We don't like racism, we keep it invisible and dark
Truth's noose is loose there's room to meander
So what's good for the goose is still good for the slander
Commanders Senators Presidents and Priests
Distractors Liars Criminals and Thieves


Stay at Homeless

Written By: Yaakov

Lose myself trying to trace lines developed on your face
From a stress free life and a held back pace
Setting up play dates and treats at soccer games
Can't count the hours paid tracing Angelina's fame
Not lost in a maze, just lost in pain
Straight paths reveal the same old same old
Same story been lived 65 times,
The perfect home or suburban mines?
It's what you dreamed up since you were a kid
Find the meaning of life beneath a tupperware lid
If it starts to hurt, the doc gave you those pills
Makes it that much easier to pay the cellphone bills
STOP, three weeks until you're out of town
But the kids will trash the house when you're not around
You ignore all the drugs and the piss drunk dudes
As long as it means that your kids will like you
Even bribe some loot to cheat hard in school
So they can spend all summer wasting time by the pool
Say they need to get a job and get out of the house and
It won't happen with a monthly allowance
But at least when it's warm there's some company at home
The rest of your life you just feel like a drone
Wear mascara for your man, keep him happy in the head
just a few more years until he won't be in bed
Clean up the kitchen, keep off the sorrow,
and he can show you off at the party tomorrow

Everyone thinks this life is easy, he'll never tell you it's not
Make's your breakfast before you're leaving so you can go work that job
Puts on that nice bright smile when you get home, she hears whatever you say
She looks so nice when she does get shown and you can go and get paid

Sure, you read Friedan before,
but what it really means, you're not really sure
Now there's enough time that you could tea again
but it's just not as relaxing when
You've got three thousand channels at your finger tips,
Music, movies, trash, food tips, and thinner hips
You know life worth isn't based on the size of the check
Especially when you think about your life at breakneck
Secretary, taxi driver and nurse
Housemaid and chef, but with an empty purse
You know you're all these careers ignored into one
And if someone breaks in, well your husband's got a gun
Comfort in those lunch groups, something to look forward to
But those housewives just make you blue
Stuck at home, you keep tabs on your kids,
But don't really know what to do with this weed that they hid
Some days you wonder why you got a degree
Oh yeah, you met your man at the university


But it's the kids, it's why you live
Give life to strife, act nice and work a sieve
Let them run wild, it's fun for a child
Even better for you, it makes the days less mild
Clean up their mess, alleviate their stress
For now they still ask you what's best
For now, and they don't cry too loud
They haven't yet asked if they could move out
Teach them to drive and not crash make sure they're not last
Always ask your friends how they grow up so fast
Preoccupied with themselves, you'll have to talk to yourself
And it won't be long before you reconsider self help
Full of care, my soft eyes stare
As I glance up and notice how you spray that gray hair



Yale Demo

Sailing Down the Speedway