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"Rayko/KRB "Six" (BinaryStar)"

Rayko/KRB "Six" (BinaryStar)
By D. Sirianni

When you throw the new Rayko/KRB release Six in the old stereo, the first thing that comes to mind is the halcyon days of the 1990s — rolling out with your homies, scoping for hotties, rocking out to Sublime, and likely packing that pipe full o' weed. The mix of hip-hop and alt-rock of Six will surely please fans of that bygone era. Fronted by the vocal talents of Rayko Pipes, the six-song EP is the product of Rayko's pipes and the Kenny Ryan Band, whose namesake handles guitar and sitar duties. Lyrically, Rayko's rhymes are reminiscent of Eminem and Tupac, with the Miami-based MC proclaiming that he is "a dirty little rebel." This often includes a bit of white male angst (and misogynism) as Rayko spins tales of a young man without a "money stack," making heavy use of urban vernacular.

Although Pipes claims that his lyrics have "evolved" — beyond what, we're not sure — they sure seem retro in practice. "Shady" contains the quarto, "Left her number on my sidekick/Sweet lips, thick hips, and silent/Till I got her in the bedroom and boom.../Little rich girls screamin'." "Miss Marianne" continues in the same vein: "Now thank you in advance for the chance you're giving me/You'll thank me later for favors in your security/Your broken watch is reading that it's 1:13/Let's take this shot, we can bounce and we can hit the sheets." It's not that such lyrics are necessarily bad in today's bling-obsessed world. But they don't match up with the band's claim of enlightenment. The melodies are definitely there, though not as stick-in-your-throat catchy as they could be. On the plus side, the musicianship is topnotch. Fans of Incubus, Hoobastank, Smash Mouth, and G. Love would do well to drop by Rayko's website at www.raykokrb.com. - New Times Broward-Palm Beach


Miami Beach, Florida 02/23/06 – Flow, groove, cadence, wisdom - the chosen words to describe the sounds of RAYKO and the KENNY RYAN BAND (KRB). A captivating blend of divergent sounds characterize this band, which is quickly establishing a loyal fan base in South Florida as well as in countries as distant as Japan, Italy, and Germany, just to name a few.

Now living in South Florida, vocalist Rayko Pipes and guitarist Kenny Ryan started their musical experiment in New Jersey, heavily influenced by the diverse musical styles and attitudes of an equally diverse population. Rap and rock perfectly coexist in their compositions, which range in temperament from the absolutely poetic to the most mundane of moods. The influences of classical music, blues, Latin music and reggae are also present.

RAYKO/KRB is already a strong performer in the Podcasting world; they have been featured on Sirius Satellite Radio’s Podshow, hosted by former MTV VJ Adam Curry. Also, the band has been presented on Blade Radio in Germany, RockCast in Italy, Fumiakiy Podcast in Japan and Clever Little Pod in the United Kingdom, amongst many others.

You can personally experience the highly energetic and pleasurable music of RAYKO/KRB this Saturday, February 25 at the Seminole Hard Rock. For more information please call 866 502 7529. The band will also perform February 27 at Cheers in Fort Lauderdale, and March 6 at Turn 3 Sports Bar in Boca Raton.

For more tour dates, music downloads, or to get “Six”- the first production for RAYKO/KRB with BinaryStar Music, please go to www.binarystarmusic.com. - BinaryStar Music, Inc.

"EP - Six - Rayko/KRB"

Thursday, March 02, 2006
by Colin Meeks (Editor at Indie Launchpad)

I've heard a few Rayko/KRB tracks, but never really listened to them that well. I think it was the Accident Hash podcast where I first heard them and then again on the Binary Starcast podcast, which also happens to be the bands label. It was only a week or so ago that I heard "Idea Gone" again and actually listened to it properly. Everything then clicked into place. I've listened to the EP a few times now and I have to say, although this isn't to my usual taste in music, it is now.

I've seen Rayko/KRB, a collaboration between Rayko and the Kenny Ryan Band, labelled usually as pop and rock, but there's quite a few other influences, that really enrich the overall sound. There's a soulful groove, with an occasional R&B thing happening, not forgetting the occasional rap infusion (although I would have to admit I wish they would).

The first two tracks, "Shady" and "Idea Gone" are the tracks I've heard most on various podcasts and prove a great introduction to the bands sound. The fourth track "Miss Marianne" really takes things up another notch. "Reality TV" takes a more laid back, rap turn and it's actually not that bad, and that coming from someone that's not a big rap fan. I think the nearest I ever got to liking rap was with De La Soul, now that was a band that knew how to take rap to a whole different level.

I think the one driving force behind this EP is attitude. Yes there's a few things your granny probably wouldn't appreciate, but you can just make her a cup of tea and plug your cans in and pump up the volume. Seriously though, there's a parental advisory on the CD for a reason, but for us grown ups, there's nothing on here that's going to shock.

The production on this EP is excellent, not at all getting in the way, allowing you to concentrate on the music. That being said however, there's still a raw energy to the EP, which is what makes it.

Track 6, "Equanimity" for me is the standout track, but I have no doubt nearly everyone who buys this EP, is going to have a different favorite. I also have to say I have a bit of a soft spot for Track 7, Flicker... or is it Track 8? *smile* A big nod to GH wherever you are.

Conclusion : The more I play this EP, the more I am blown away. I keep discovering new sounds and influences and it does the cockles of my heart the world of good, to hear such great music from new bands/artists.

Direct Link:
http://www.indielaunchpad.com/2006/03/ep-six-raykokrb.html - indielaunchpad.com

"Kenny lives!"

Kenny lives!

Get familiar with the name Rayko/KRB. The group will be playing soon at a club near you. The KRB stands for Kenny Ryan Band, which was started by guitarist and sitar player Dan Rainey (a.k.a. Kenny Ryan) while attending Caldwell College in New Jersey. Rainey, now 27, met singer Rayko Pipes, 25, in music theory class and they immediately began jamming together. They dropped out of college and moved to Florida a year ago to pursue a career in music.

"I always turned to music in my life," says Pipes, an avid poet who once wanted to be a journalist. "I didn't realize I could do it until I met Dan." The two have since teamed up with drummer Sandor Davidson, rapper Jae Conway, guitarist Brad Pawlak and his upright-bass-playing brother, Ron Pawlak.

Pipes -- who this year started his own record label, Hoodie Match -- writes all the lyrics for the group, which has just released its self-titled debut album. "Our music is a blend of blues, hip-hop, funk, rock and reggae," Pipes explains. "We're coming from a wide variety of influences like Robert Johnson, Bob Marley, Green Day, James Brown, Eminem, Guns N' Roses and many more."

The band has several upcoming shows, including tonight (Wednesday) at Alehouse Rock Café in Margate (954/974-4420), Saturday at SunFest (see Best Bets), Monday at Turn 3 Sports Bar in Boca Raton (561/483-1964) and May 11 at Tavern 213 in Fort Lauderdale. "We want to get to as many people as we can with our music, and we love to hang out after our shows," Pipes says. "There's always an afterparty with the KRB." Visit Raykokrb.com.

-- Joanie Cox
Staff Writer
City Link Magazine
[Posted May 3, 2006] - City Link Magazine


"The RockStar Poor LP" - Coming July 4, 2007!

"Up Chuk Skat" (Digi-Single) - ©2006 BinaryStar Music | Winking Demons Publishing (ASCAP)
Track Listing: 1. Up Chuk Skat (Red Headed Slut Mix), 2. Up Chuk Skat (Shirley Temple Mix), 3. Up Chuk Skat (John Crow Batty Mix), 4. Up Chuk Skat (Sex On The Beach Mix), 5. (She Said) My Name, 6. 12 Strippers of X-Mas

"Six" (EP) - ©2006 BinaryStar Music | Winking Demons Publishing (ASCAP)
Hoodie Match Records, Corp.
Track Listing: 1. Shady, 2. Idea Gone, 3. Rest, 4. Miss Marianne, 5. Reality TV, 6. Equanimity, 7. Flicker



Feeling a bit camera shy


After the triumphant release of the "Six" EP, and the “Up Chuk Skat” Digital Single, Rayko/KRB is ready to launch “The RockStar Poor LP”. This new album promises to go for the throat of mainstream radio, while retaining the originality that Rayko/KRB fans have become familiar with. The guitar licks will still fly, but this time the beats are heavier, relying more on retro drum machines, fat synth bass lines, and soaring guest vocalists.

“The RockStar Poor LP” features a wide range of sonic moods, all fused together by Rayko’s singular voice. Shooting has begun for the first video, “RockStar Poor”, a song that deals with the realities of being an independent musician in a changing music landscape. Rayko’s down-on-his-luck theme carries over to “Better Daze”, a track that speaks of a whimsical past, and hopes for a better tomorrow. The emotive ballad “Simple Love Song” delivers, for the first time, a heartfelt and very personal three and half minutes of Rayko. “Simple Love Song” has already placed #2 on The PMC Top Ten, with an audience of over 200,000 listeners. Rayko kicks up the jams in “Charp”. His opening line, “It’s Rayko Pipes and I’ve got that swagger”, sets the stage for a confident and funkyfied track, featuring choruses by the incomparable Takis. Another album stand-out, “Identity”, explores the many voices living in disharmony inside Rayko’s head.

Over the last year C.C. Chapman of AccidentHash, has played nearly all of Rayko/KRB’s songs on Sirius Satellite Radio. The enthusiastic response from global podcasters, and independent radio propelled Rayko/KRB through months of live, on-stage shenanigans, culminating in an explosive performance at SunFest in West Palm Beach. Rayko/KRB also took the streets, hosting various jam sessions, and selling the “Six” EP door-to-door. The hardcore South Florida fan base has grown steadily, and is now anxiously awaiting fresh material. Fans around the world can connect with Rayko by watching “The Chronic-Ills”, Rayko’s own vidblog at www.myspace.com/raykokrb, and they can hit him up on www.raykokrb.com

With “The RockStar Poor LP”, Rayko morphs into a persona he described best as the Anti-Justin Timberlake. Fans, broadcasters, and reviewers alike will revel in the fact that “pop” is no longer a dirty word, and Rayko/KRB is dishing out hook after soaring hook, ultra catchy tunes, and lyrics that are at once witty and introspective.