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The best kept secret in music


"Radio Orbit"

"As a person in radio, I get exposed to lots and lots of new music...the living music of Yachay is among the freshest and most vibrant that I have heard in some time...their clever melodies, infectious rhythms, heartfelt lyrics, and diverse influences converge to bring a unique natural sound and style that really grabs hold of you...it is hard to believe that it comes from just two people...a wonderful example of how imagination, crazy talent, and love for the Earth can be wonderfully expressed thru the art of sound..." - Mike Hagan, host of Radio Orbit, dj on KOPN 89.5 FM, Colombia, MO

""Tomorrow's Stars""

Yachay is a "sonic vehicle" for healing in a world saturated with sterile compositions and static formatting. Be prepared to be surprised - Yachay's music does not fall into the traditional Western standards of music....Their new cd, Sweet Mother Mercy, is a passionate, extended love song to Mother Earth and deserves to be listened to on its own terms....The duo have worked with master shaman don Agustin Rivas since the mid-1990's, and this sacred influence infuses their music with a mysterious power. Their intricate, multilingual expressions defy description and instead evoke the power of the natural world and the hope of a global shift in human awareness. - Magical Blend Magazine, Issue #98

"Valley Focus"

"Beautiful...just...beautiful." - Gilma Cooper, host, on Yachay's live simulcast radio performance

"Cybercity Radio"

"They go where many of us only dream about."
- Jack Landman, host, on the sounds and experiences of Yachay

"Yachay Press Kit for Media"

Please visit Yachay's Press Kit at Delphidelity Records by visiting:


(Press Kit is linked at the bottom of the home page.) - Delphidelity Records

"CD Review"

"...you should pop Sweet Mother Mercy in your record player as soon as possible." - Pulse Weekly


Sweet Mother Mercy (2005)
The Burn (2004 EP)
The Insect Sessions (2004 4 disc set)
Transmission (2003)
Pyramid (2003)
Podmind (2003)


Feeling a bit camera shy


YACHAY is a sonic, two piece vehicle born from the love of the Mother Planet....

When Jeff and William met up in the jungles of Peru, they had given up playing music...at least, playing music with popular touring bands. Instead, they immersed themselves in shamanic experiences in the rain forest that ultimately would lead them right back to what they'd left behind. In short, they were bombarded on every sensory level with the vital importance that the vibratory rate of sound plays in the creation of reality...not simply in human terms...but for all of life on Planet Earth. When they eventually returned to the United States, they decided to see what would happen if they applied their sonic-shamanic experiences to a musical vehicle...and YACHAY was born. What they quickly discovered as they started to play out was that people everywhere are still hungry for what's real..in their ears, in their hearts, in their lives.

Natural and live, primal and intricate, acoustic and dynamic, relentless and sweet, the music of YACHAY is played by 'just' two men with a diverse range of visceral instrumentation. What you hear in the fullness of their recordings, you will experience in their live performances. Real time music, 100 percent, song after song. Most of their fans hesitate to even describe them as an 'acoustic' act. In fact, most of their fans hesitate to even describe them at all, anymore. Call them tribal. Call them alternative to alternative. Call them whatever you want. They won't mind. They sing in English. They sing in Spanish. They chant in Quechua. They groan. They whistle. They sweat. Call them real.

YACHAY sing for the transformation the Mother Planet is undergoing, in all of her creation and destruction, and the beauty of being alive during such a time of amazing opportunity for liberation. The music speaks to something that people are already feeling internally about a widespread process that is underway on this sweet, exquisite planet. Listeners sometimes cry openly at their shows for how the sound resonates through them. YACHAY are committed to making the music accessible to people everywhere...across both cultural borders and musical markets. To this end, they have played with hard rock, jam, ethnic, reggae, world beat, alternative rock, blues, acoustic, gypsy, and grunge country groups, amongst others. They have played a spectrum of different style venues, festivals, and events. They have been interviewed and played live on popular widspread radio and internet shows. They have played in South and North America. They've played concerts for the dolphins and the insects. They are just as much at home playing for the children in a 'remote' village in the jungles of Peru as they are for large amounts of people in a 'modern' rock venue. The result is the same. The music moves people, and people move to it. The music is in and of itself the message, and it rips from the place of primal, planetary groove.

With the release of their album 'Sweet Mother Mercy' in 2005, YACHAY are poised for major media attention - from radio and television, to printed press, to the internet, to their intense love of touring and interacting live with live people. While the album in no way attempts to define their 80 plus song catalog, it conveys all the urgency, passion, and musical ferocity that people have come to expect from two men with an acoustic guitar and simple drums. Featuring eleven songs tightly interwoven in English and Spanish, their first full length studio album makes good on YACHAY's vision to have the music accessible to people in a widespread way across musical categories and political boundaries. Sweet Mother Mercy invites people everywhere to hear the song of the Mother Planet in their own hearts, to stand in the release of sonic thunder and...let it come.


YACHAY is pronounced 'YAH chai,' and is derived from Quechua, the language of the Inkas.

YACHAY love to let the people be their press. A few samples of fan response from all over the world-

"I want to tell you what good fortune it is to have my kids listening to your music. There's so-called music here in White Wind. One can't avoid it. it's in the jeepneys, restaurants, parties etc. but it is TRASH. It's boom, boom, thump sound. When one asks to have it turned down the inevitable reply is " You don't like music?" My kids are exposed to this low level stuff. It's intended (imo) to dumb the whole population down. But now the boys are requesting me twice a day or more to listen to Yachay. Big relief for me my friends."

"OMG I thought it f***ing ROCKED!!! Your style is amazing and beautiful. The passion. Some of the music was so frenzied and rich. I got quite a charge out of listening to the songs. In fact, I can’t remember which song it was, but I noticed an energy shift as I was listening to it. I don’t know what you guys put onto that song, but it totally boosted m