Yacine & the Oriental Groove

Yacine & the Oriental Groove

 Barcelona, Catalonia, ESP

Maghrebi dance-trance music with influences from all around the Mediterranean area mixed together in the city of Barcelona.


Yacine & The Oriental Groove is the new project of Yacine Belahcene (Cheb Balowski) which started with the intention to interpret songs among all Yacine’s artistic trajectory as well as traditional melodies from the Maghreb (N. Africa) and Middle East. In collaboration with Yannis Papaioannou (08001, Asikides,) and the powerful sound of his electric oud, the band slowly began to develop its own unique sound in the interpretation of traditional songs and own compositions. Both electric and electronic
sound that crosses all around the Mediterranean and opens a music window full of energy and innovation with surprising results!


Parabòlic - Kasba Music, 2011