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Yadi Supreme

Chicago, Illinois, United States

Chicago, Illinois, United States
Band Hip Hop Reggae


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Yadi vs. Nfact Grindtime Battle Reviews"

01-17-2010, 07:54 PM #15

Post by: Sonny Bamboo
President of Grindtime Midwest


This was some funny shit, country ass dude from Kentucky vs Middle Eastern cat from Chicago. It was suppossed to be a tryout but i knew that it was gonna be really good, so we did it as a Silver battle.

That shit Yadi said about Saurus and 'get off the west coast dick' came off crazy in person. You can't tell cause of the camera angle, but we had a lot of people packed in that room. Also that shit about "they put me against a nerd from Louisville/ 8 mile right? I want to choke him with the movie reel" was fire to me, even after a million references to that movie in battles.

We decided to air this early cause I'm gonna be setting these cats up for future battles and I need possible oponents to have something to see.

Shout out to both of these dudes, and everyone in Chicago that showed love that weekend. MIDWEST BITCHES!!

- www.rapmusic.com


Still working on that hot first release.



What Are the Hip Hop Heads Saying about Yadi?

“He’s a prophet.”--- DJ AWOL

“This cat is ill…a mix of battle rap and consciousness.” ----Kevin Beacham, host of Scribble Jam and Six Feet Under WNUR, NPR.org

"DON'T SLEEP ON THIS BATTLE!" --- Sonny Bamboo, President of Grind Time Midwest Division

"...what about yadi, is he gonna battle again or what? hes dope." ---xghamdix from rapmusic.com

"Wow. I haven't laughed this hard in a battle in about a month. This was hilarious." ---Minkaveli from rapmusic.com

"I was leaning toward yadi, becuz not only was his shit funny, but there was real intelligence to his jokes." ---roc55555 from rapmusic.com

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Artist Background

Coming from Israeli, European, and Arab roots, Yadi was ridiculed for his race and size. His family never accepted his choice of music, friends or lifestyle, and in turn was institutionalized for most of his teenage years. After this, he came home and was arrested. He jumped bond and lived in the streets for two years. He survived by sleeping in a garage on the west side of Chicago, until finally leaving that life to head back to his roots in the east coast to pursue his music career. Now, more mature and refined, he has returned to Chicago to make the change in hip hop that the true fans have been praying for.

Music History/Background

For years, Yadi has left his mark in the minds of hip hop lovers in Chicago. People stop him on the street or at battles and shows and say, “Hey, I remember you! You battled so-and-so and killed him.” Then Yadi replies, ‘Yeah, man, that was seven years ago.’

Kevin Beacham from Scribble Jam and NPR radio went searching for him online. This was all based on a freestyle that Yadi did on his show over ten years ago! Yadi went by a different rap name at the time, but this cat was still determined enough to piece it together and find him. This was the same radio show that starred artists like Eminem, Juice, Atmosphere, Guru, Kweli and Wu.

If that’s not an impact, then what is?

Musical Milestones

1984 Wrote his first rap verse
1988 First homemade mixtape
1998-2001- Appeared on WNUR 89.3
1999-2004 Singer for Roots Vibration
2003 Chicago Black Expo
2003 Cable Access Talent Showcase

Most Recent Yadi Internet Sightings

2009 GrindTime Midwest Battle v.s. NFact
2010 GrindTime Midwest Battle v.s. AV

Message from the Artist Himself

“I hated what happened to hip hop, so I stopped rapping and played roots reggae with local bands for a while. Still I knew what had pulled me into hip hop from the beginning: LOVE. So I came back to spread it. You can’t see love or pain, you just feel it. That’s what I do.

Sometimes I step back and look at everything. Money still moves when I don’t. Sex sells even when I don’t sell it or buy it. Time keeps on ticking. The whole process of life goes on with or without me. The choice is mine whether to use this body and mind to GIVE or to TAKE. One day I’ll be gone, like it or not. Are you ready for that day, today?” ---Yadi Supreme