Yadong Guan trio

Yadong Guan trio


FREQUENCE PEKINOISE: an engaging “East-meets-West” concert, and an exciting encounter with the Chinese pipa - an instrument over two thousand years old!
"I witnessed the amazing effect that she had on her audience!" "She was a knockout! The best act of all the season! Inspiring!" Vernon, BC Canada


Chinese pipa, guitar, and cello, featured in a bold, “East-meets-West” repertoire including traditional Chinese and Irish music, modern classical works, and selections from the Quebec song repertoire... without a doubt, Fréquence pékinoise promises an intensely moving musical experience! Nothing could be truer, judging by the praise the concert has received from audiences, not to mention rave reviews (following a performance of the show, Stan Passfield, from the Orillia Concert Association, in Ontario, wrote: “many people were moved to tears. I have never witnessed this in a concert before,” while Steven Kennard, from the Evergreen Theatre, in Nova Scotia, claimed: “It is a rare and delightful experience, to have the opportunity to attend such a beautiful performance”).

Though the three performers offer sophisticated renditions of works by Debussy, Vivaldi, and de Falla, the real highlight, for the audience, is to discover the pipa, one of the most ancient traditional instruments from China (over 2,000 years old!) still in use. Virtuoso Yadong Guan delivers a magnificent solo on the instrument, followed by a few explanations to provide some insight into its many subtleties. Many years of training and practice are necessary to master the pipa, which shares some of the guitar’s playing techniques.

Aside from the exotic instrumental aspect of Fréquence pékinoise, the audience will be deeply moved by Yadong Guan’s soothing singing voice. Don’t miss this enchanting musical encounter of rare beauty and musical intensity!


Frequence pekinoise, XXI-21 Label