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Tel Aviv-Yafo, Tel Aviv, Israel | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Tel Aviv-Yafo, Tel Aviv, Israel | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Electronic Pop




"Ten Alternative Breakout Artists for 2015"

(Original in Hebrew)
It's hard to bet against Yael Borger, a singer and artist who has already appeared in festivals overseas and hails from a family lineage which puts high expectations on her. But little sister Borger (Asaf Borger's sister) has rhythm and talent all her own. She recently released the song, "Killing Us", a first single from an album in English aimed at the international market. She wrote all the lyrics and music for the album. With the production of Dan Farber, she combines rock with electro and pulls off being classy and accessible, contemporary and channeling retro-80s with a personal touch. Borger is presently negotiating with several key distribution companies abroad and producers in the U.S. With a family name like Borger, it won't be hard to market her in the international market, and who knows, they might just take a song of hers for a commercial of a product that is most identified with the U.S. - Reem Sherman, Mako, Published on October 8, 2014, 15:55 Y

"A Little Borger in the Industry: 
 Yael Borger Releases a New Sizzling Hot Album"

(Original in Hebrew)
Yael Borger, Not Just the Little Sister of - Launches a Super-Promising
After two years of hard work, Yael Borger released her first album – “Yael” - based on the first three singles leaked from the album - The Rage, Killing Us and Diet. It looks like Borger (22) will be one of the hottest names this coming summer. The electronic pop in her songs are on par with international production standards, and her clips demonstrate a higher standard of finish than we in Israel are accustomed to. Borger, who appeared in several iconic music festivals abroad and opened for Kelis in her Milkshake Concert in Israel, is the little sister of Asaf Borger (Borgore), a producer who has already made a name for himself and managed to collaborate with Miley Cyrus, among other top artists.
"I tried working with other producers until I met Dan Farber, who finally produced the entire album for me apart from songs which my brother handled", says Yael. She admits that she gradually internalized the huge gap between the song she writes and composes on the piano and the post-production result. "It's night and day. It took me a long time to understand what I like in production and what I want. I think that Electronica, Ambient and EDM are best suited for my songs. The album has all these genres and even touches of Dupstep.
It looks like the delay did only good things for her, because her SunCloud page is bursting with listeners. Killing Us and Diet are reaching close to 200,000 listens each, and her other songs got quite a few listeners as well. In anticipation of the launch, you will enjoy hearing out loud how it is to always be the little sister of Borgore. Surprisingly, this question didn't irritate her. Quite the opposite. Yael Borger sees her brother as a role model, and clearly she has to start as the "sister of". "He has a very big part in the album - in the writing of the songs, in production and even as a source of inspiration", she says. "Long before I realized I would be a singer, he was there to push me forward, I owe him a lot. He is opening doors for me and exposing my music to his audience. This is not obvious. We are very close."
Yael, Album Launch Performance - May 25, Tmuna Theater - Thursday, April 30, 2015 by Uri Zer Aviv for Time-Out Israel

"Borger Queen: At the age of 22, Yael Borger 
 has a solid and cultivated musical sense."

(Original in Hebrew)
Her single received about 150,000 views, she opened for Kelis, and her brother is the international DJ, Asaf Borgore. The singer is releasing a first album and aiming as high as she can.
Musician Yael Borger, who released a first album at the end of the month titled "Yael" - from which the singles, The Rage, Diet and Killing Us, were leaked, already has a solidified and contemporary musical sense at the age of 22. Add to this her musical education from the age of four, the fact that she plays multiple instruments, including piano, drums and saxophone, Jazz studies at Telma Yalin School for the Arts, a perfect command of English and a unique voice - and you'll understand why Borger is considered a promising rising star.
Last February, Borger opened for Kelis in Israel, and the clip of her single, Killing Us, was played on MTV and received close to 150,000 views on SoundCloud. Apart from her undeniable talent, the person who also helped to position her for a breakout, was her brother, the dupstep artist, DJ Asaf Borgore, who is enormously successful worldwide, works closely with Milely Cyrus, and this year received the coveted spot of 44 on the DJ Magazine Top 100 List.
As soon as she completed her military service ("In the army I deliberately chose not to deal with music and didn't want to serve in an IDF entertainment troop"), she flew to join her brother who lives in Beverly Hills, as befitting of a rising star. She tagged along with him to festivals and glamorous parties where he was invited to play and was exposed from the start of her musical career to the cream of the crop in the industry. "When my brother started to explode all over the world, I was in the middle of my military service. It wasn't until I got there and saw the intricacies of the industry and the biggest studios in Los

Angeles that I realized the scale of his success. To sit with people recording and producing for artists like Miley Cyrus and Brittney Spears, or to go with him on a concert tour across Australia, and suddenly meet huge artists in the electro house industry, like Steve Aoki, or artists like Prodigy, Ellie Goulding or Rita Ora, and then you say to yourself, 'that's what I want', Borger recalls the process.
Borger the brother, known by his stage name "Borgore", combines amazing talent with Metal and Dubstep. Before taking the world by storm and establishing his own label, he was the drummer for the Israeli metal band Shabira. The improvised strip tease performance by one of his close friends, Miley Cyrus, on the studio set of the clip he produced for her made him an overnight sensation, and he was marked as the hottest thing on the Hollywood scene.
For months she accompanied her brother on his concert tour across Australia and to some of the most iconic music events in the world. After returning to Israel, she flew to Burma, and on the banks of a particularly picturesque lake, she wrote her first song. "If I could, I would have photographed all the clips in amazing Burma", she says. Since then, she has managed to release a few singles, appear in several prestigious international festivals, with a Canadian music magazine crowning her and her brother one of the six most talented families in the world's EBM (electronic body music) genre. Electronic Body Music). Like the EBM scene, which combines dance and industrial music alongside synthpop and Gothic rock motifs, Yael Borger's music, all of which is in English, combines groove, electronic and modern jazz origins, which uses a lot of swing rhythms.
"I heard and practiced a lot of jazz, how to be a jazz performer, and how to enunciate everything. I was never keen on Israeli music, and always listened to music in English from abroad. There are excellent musicians in Israel, but quite a bit of the local music is not contemporary. I think the artists here need to dare and break out. We live here in a generation where everything is very global. Everyone speaks English, everyone is connected to Tweeter, Facebook and Instagram", says Borger.
It was actually the successful brother who tried to shield his younger sister from the cruelties of the industry, and suggested that she start small, in Hebrew. "I told him no way after everything I saw and experienced abroad", she says. "It's very natural for me to aim high and try to break out abroad. It was always important for me to do contemporary music, and I always sing to say something."

Wonder of wonders, despite the Englishization, not only did Galgaletz (popular Israeli radio station) receive her warmly, regional radio stations, such as the Dimona radio station, also received her with warmth and support. - Zack Oryan Oracz for Maariv news paper, June 4, 2015, 12:37

"A New Pop and Dance Princess Is Appearing on the Music Scene"

(Original in Hebrew)
Yael Borger's premier launch performance for her new album at Tmuna Theater on Monday, May 25, 2015 with guest performer, Ivri Leader. The blog attended, listened, watched and decided - a new princess is making her mark on the local pop and dance scene.
Yael Borger, until now she was the little sister of Asaf Borger, a familiar figure in the international pop world, going by the title of Borgore, a musical producer with a string of successes behind him who works with big names, such as Miley Cyrus, Waka, Sikdope, Flocka Flame, Cedruc Gervais, Dudu Tasa, ShayGray and others. In a launch performance of her first album, after she has already been on stage at prestigious international festivals, such as EDC, SXSW and Tomorrowland, she is challenging any pop and electronic dance icon on the local scene.
Yael, who has worked with world-famous Israeli music producers, such as Dan Farber, and has already managed to present a few dance tracks on her personal SoundCloud channel which received tens of thousands of views, launched her first album yesterday, including songs for which she wrote all the music and lyrics. The album, which incidentally is titled Yael, is sold on iTunes. Here are a few excerpts from SoundCloud...
Yael‘s gala launch with a musical combo, including musicians Elad Shor on keyboard, David Berdichevsky on electric guitar, Daniel Dov on bass guitar, and Amit Tzvia on drums, was before a full standing hall at the Tmuna Theater in Tel Aviv, performing all the songs from her album alongside tribute performances with her personal interpretation of hits of Lana Del Rey (Radio) and Kelis (Trick Me). But the highlight of the performance was when Ivri Leader joined her to perform a duet of the song “Secrets” from the album.
Yael Borger and the Combo, Launch at Tmuna Theater, Photography: Yuval Erel
I was very curious to learn if Yael Borger and her music style would star next month in the Gay Pride events in the main performance in Tel Aviv, where several big names are
expected to take part, or perhaps at the huge after-party that Oman 17 is planning with Ofer Nissim at Blumfield Stadium. - May 26, 2015, Yuval Erel

"6 of EDM's most talented families"

4. Yael Borger and Borgore.

Asaf Yoseph Borger, aka Borgore, also has a talented sister.

His sister, who performs under the name Yael, has just released the second single from her new album. Check out the video for “Diet” below: - DJ mag Canada staff

"Dubstep artist Borgore collaborates with sister Yael on her first single release - אחותו של אמן הדאבסטפ בורגור מוציאה, סינגל ראשון"

English Synopsis: Yael talks about her collaboration with already established electronic artist and brother Borgore on the release of her new single "Killing Us" and her thoughts on a solo career.

(Please click on the link above for full article in Hebrew)

יעל בורגר, אחותו של "בורגור" שכבש את עולם הדאבסטפ, נגשת בפעם הראשונה לקדמת הבמה בסינגל ראשון שהוציאה. היא מקווה שהסינגל יצליח קודם בארץ ורק אז בחו"ל, ומסבירה למה בגיל 22, היא נחשבת קצת "זקנה" במקצוע
תמר פלד
אחרי שעלתה לבמה פעמים רבות מול קהל של עשרות אלפי אנשים כמלווה של אחיה, עכשיו היא פוסעת לקדמת הבמה. יעל בורגר, אחותו של אסף בורגר, מי שעבד עם מיילי סיירוס וממשיך לכבוש את עולם הדאבסטפ, מעלה השבוע לאוויר סינגל ראשון משלה. "הכי חשוב לי שזה יצליח פה, ורק אחר כך שזה יצליח בחו"ל", אמרה בורגר, "זה הבית, זה הכי חשוב".

לא רק יעל מתרגשת. האח הגדול, הידוע בשם הבמה "בורגור", שהביא איתו את יעל אל הבמות הגדולות דווקא התרגש להופיע על במה תל אביבית צנועה כשליווה את אחותו בצעדיה הראשונים. "אם אני מפשל אז אני הורס לאחותי, ולא בא לי להרוס לאחותי", אמר אסף, "ממש חשוב לי שיהיה נחמד".
ההשקה כבר נדחתה מספר פעמים במהלך מבצע "צוק איתן". השבוע, ברגעי השקט האחרונים לפני חידוש הירי, זכתה בורגר למספר שניות של תשומת לב מלאה. אחרי שכבר הופיעה בפסטיבלים בכל העולם, היא תוהה אם הצעד הראשון שלה לבד לא מגיע מאוחר מדי. "בחודש שעבר חגגתי 22. אני צעירה, אבל אם להשוות לארצות הברית, בנות בגילי כבר בנו קריירה. בגיל 16, 18 הן כבר מוציאות דיסקים", אמרה, "אני טיפה זקנה, אבל לאט לאט".
25/08/14 | - GLZ - Israel Radio Station

"Watch Yael's New Music Video "Killing Us"- צפו בקליפ ל"Killing Us" של יעל בורגר"

English Synopsis: Electronic artist Borgore's has encouraging words for his sister's solo career and invites us to listen to her new track "Killing Us".

(Please click on the link above for full article in Hebrew)

משפחת בורגר מתרחבת: מלבד האח אסף שכבר עבד עם מיילי סיירוס, העולם מקבל כעת גם את יעל הצעירה, שמשחררת קליפ ראשון מתוך אלבום בכורה. צפו

יעל בורגר, אחותו הצעירה של המפיק והמוזיקאי Borgore, משחררת קליפ לסינגל ראשון בשם "Killing Us", מתוך אלבום בכורה. אתמול (רביעי), השיקה יעל את הווידאו במועדון החתול והכלב ולוותה על ידי האח הגדול והמצליח על התופים.

במהלך ההשקה, אמר בורגור: "אני רגיל להופיע מול עשרות אלפי אנשים אבל עכשיו אני הרבה יותר לחוץ, זאת אחותי שמופיעה ואסור לי לפשל כאן, אבל האמת היא שאני סומך עליה, היא מדהימה! כבר הופיעה איתי בפסטיבלים הכי גדולים בעולם והלהיבה את הקהל בלי בעיה. כל מי שאני משמיע לו את השירים שלה פשוט עף עליה".

שיתוף הפעולה של Borgore ומיילי סיירוס: - Walla

"Yael's single Release " Killing Us" in collaboration with Borgore - יעל בורגר מארחת את אחיה בורגור"

English Synopsis: Introducing "Killing Us", Yael's first single off of her new album, a successful collaboration with electronic artist and older brother, Borgore.

(Please click link above for full article in hebrew)

הזמרת והיוצרת יעל בורגר מארחת את אחיה, המפיק האלקטרוני אסף בורגר ("Borgore") בביצוע חי לסינגל "Killing Us", הראשון שלה מתוך אלבום באנגלית המיועד לשוק הבינלאומי

הזמרת והיוצרת יעל בורגר הוציאה לאחרונה את השיר "Killing Us", סינגל ראשון מאלבום באנגלית, המיועד לשוק הבינלאומי, אלבום בו כתבה והלחינה את כל השירים. להפקה המוזיקלית של השיר אחראי דן פרבר.
כעת משחרר בורגר ביצוע חי לשיר, בו משתתף אחיה הגדול, המוזיקאי האלקטרוני המצליח אסף בורגר ("Borgore"). הביצוע צולם במועדון "החתול והכלב" בתל אביב (ע"י לאל אטניק) ומצליח להעביר את המהות של בורגר - מוזיקה שנשמעת עכשווית עם נגיעה אישית.

יעל בורגר עצמה כבר הספיקה להופיע בפסטיבלים מובילים בחו"ל כמו "טומורולנד" (יחד עם אחיה), SXSW, ו-EDC. היא נפגשה עד היום עם כמה מהמפיקים המוכרים בארה"ב ונמצאת במגעים מתקדמים לקידום אלבומה, עם מספר חברות הפצה מרכזיות בחו"ל. - Mako - Israel TV Network


Still working on that hot first release.



Yael Borger was born in Tel-Aviv, Israel, in 1992.  She started piano lessons at the age of three and has continued her love for music ever since. She studied at Arison School of Art in the theatre department and then continued on to Thelma Yellin High School of Art in the Jazz music department.

Yael is a singer/song-writer, who has already performed at major music festivals alongside her brother, popular DJ and music producer, Borgore. Festivals include but are not limited to Tomorrowland, Ultra, SXSW and EDC Las Vegas

Yael launched her debut album - "Yael" (which were completely wrote and composed by her) in May 5th. the album hit the #10 at top albums chart on iTunes Israel and #4 on top pop albums charts less then 24 hours after it was launched 

her album is Characterized with smart and sophisticated lyrics, and production that influenced by Jazz, Funk Indie and reggae with a touch of electronic sounds.

Yael's 3 singles from the album (Killing Us, Diet and The Rage) has over 100K plays on Soundcloud and are constantly played over the Israeli radio station and MTV Israel

the Israeli TV network - "Mako"put Yael on the list of "top young alternative musicians for 2015" and TimeOut Israel crowned her as "the hottest thing in music for summer 2015" the international EDM magazine DJmag chose her brother and her as top 6 EDM families and in many other music magazines and newspapers Yael is referred to as "the queen of Israeli pop

this days Yael works on her second album and on interesting new collaborations, one of them is with the Israeli mega star and X-factor Israel mentor Ivri Lider


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