Yael Wand

Yael Wand


Yael Wand crafts modern folk with fluid borders. Fusing jazz, roots and world, she serves up a musical feast. It’s no wonder she’s been garnering such praise as: “a songwriter of uncommon skill” (Ottawa Express), and “one of the freshest new voices in Canadian folk music” (Kitchener Waterloo Record)


Yael Wand - Biography

True to her divergent roots and wanderings, Yael Wand (pronounced “Yah-elle”) delivers songs with the sensibility of folk and allusions to jazz, all set in the landscape of a wild country.

Born in Israel and raised in Vancouver, Yael now makes her home with foxes, bears and miners, deep in the northern mountains of British Columbia.

Her shift from big city to small town plays out in her music. Yael sings urban lullabies along side tales from the rustic cabins of the backwoods. She navigates the political terrain of the middle-east with the same ease and passion as she does the wilderness of the Canadian west. Her classical vocal training and 17 years of live performance make her a powerful performer. She draws in an audience with the sound of her voice, clear and passionate, and captivates with the colour and substance of her songwriting.

Yael released her solo debut, Antinomy in 2004, and hit the Canadian highways. She’s gathered fans and received airplay across the country. Tracks from the album are featured on several national compilations, including Canoesongs II (2006), and Let It Snow Too (2006) and Grrrls with Guitars Vol 3 (Maximum/Universal 2005).

At Your Door (Feb 2007) is Yael’s sophomore release and showcases her growing artistry as songwriter and performer. This optimistic acoustic-roots collection is jazzed-up and world-informed, flowing from folk-rock rhythms to winter-night ballads. The album starts in Yael’s northern garden, meandering to the backdoor of a moonshine maker, to a mid-eastern market, to mountains peaks and ending with a lullaby somewhere on a dusty road. At Your Door is full of spirited string arrangements and acoustic instruments all wrapped around Yael’s voice – warm and comforting like the glow of a wood stove.

Yael has performed in venues from Haida Gwai to Charlottetown and tours regularly throughout Canada. She’s taken the stage at numerous festivals including the Prince George Folk Festival, Brandon Folk Music Festival, Smithers' Midsummers Festival, Edge of the World, and Ottawa Ladyfest. This self-propelled will be on the road throughout 2007.


At Your Door (2007)
Antinomy (2004)
Midnight Sun - with Perpetuum (1999)

Since its release, Antinomy has been played on campus, college and cbc stations across Canada. several songs from Antinomy have been featured on Canadian compilations including Canoesongs II (2006) and Grrrls with Guitars Vol 3 (Maximum/Universal 2005).

Set List

A typical show will range between one set of 45min to a full 1.5 hour show. yael is comfortable adapts her show to suit the needs of the venue and audience.

Yael performs mostly original tunes with an occasional cover, such as:
Joni Mitchell
Gordon Lightfoot