Coming together like dodgem cars in spring time, Yae!Tiger are a Sydney indie rock six piece. One Sydney punter claimed that Yae!Tiger are equal parts Pavement quirk and Sonic Youth noise. Big wraps? Probably!


Yae!Tiger began in 2007 as a home recording project in the inner west attic of Brooke Cotton and Vincent Scagnetti. Without annoying the neighbours too much, the pair recorded two EP’s before setting off for some South American adventures.

Upon the duo’s return in 2008, they called upon some friends to expand these attic tunes into a live six headed roaring beast. Team tiger now counts drummer Johnny Sunshine, guitarist Jack Hanner, keyboardist Cat IX St Clare & jack-of-all-trades Dwayne Barry amongst it's ranks.

With a new double A side "Calling All Ghosts / Sleepworking" and an energetic live show, Yae!Tiger will be carving their way through the live music masses for the remainder of 2009. Free copies of said single will be available at all live shows.

Keep your ear to the ground for the new EP "Casualty Of The Avalanche" in 2010...

Peace Out!


- So The Kids Are In China (2006)
- It's A Nice Afternoon To Be Stuck In Traffic With You (2009)
- Waging War At The Carnival (2009 - played on FBI Radio Sydney)
- I Spent An Evening With Saddle Creek And All I Got Was This Crappy Song (2009 - played on Triple J Radio Australia and FBI Radio Sydney)
- Calling All Ghosts/Sleepworking AA Side (Dec 2009)

Set List

Generally we do a 35-45 min set with a rotating roster of between 7 and 9 songs. Songs titles are:
- Waging War At The Carnival
- (I've Got) The Perfect Plan To Infiltrate Your Band
- Tail Of Two Girls
- Choose Yr Own Adventure
- Sleepworking
- The Gordon Schumway Experiment
- Lichtenstein Zoo
- Watcha Gonna Do?
- Song For The Grapes
- Calling All Ghosts