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Ended So Soon

Written By: Yahya

Ended So Soon

Song, Lyric & Arr. Written by Yahya

Intro: music

1st Verse:

I wish it never ended so soon

The most wonderful moment I share with you

Reveals those deep feeling inside me

Filled with meaning

2nd Verse:

I’m always in awe for your beauty

Looked-ever so gentle and enchanted me

Always honest and opened for me

With sincere heart


Time never late to break us apart

Throw me out and left me in despair

I wish never end

But I know it won’t come back to me again

Interlude: music

3rd Verse:

Never easy for me to forget

The blissful moment together here with you

Although it's only a blink of eye,

but beautiful

Back to: Chorus

Ending: music