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Yah Yah is a lyrical genius. Taking real life situations and putting them on fresh beats. His music is like nothing you have ever heard before. It you like Hip Hop you will LOVE Yah Yah.


Do you remember that rough, hardcore rap group from the New Jersey Bricks called the Outsidaz? You know that group that rapped about truth and what it was really like to be a gangsta.....Yah Yah is one of the original members of that group. He has ruled the underground world of Hip Hop and now he is solo and ready to open his world to all who will listen. Yah Yah's main focus is to tell a story that we all can relate to because face it we are all human and have all experienced a messed up situation at one time or another. It's all about telling the truth the whole truth and holding nothing back. It's not about Bling, Cars, Homes, Hoes, Being famous...It's about what it's really like to be from the ghetto and have to live day to day not knowing what's gonna happen next. How many people really live the lavish life? Most of us are banking from paycheck to paycheck, struggling to feed our families, over worked and under paid. Yah Yah is in this for the underdog which represents over 90% of America's population. From youth Yah Yah was always been intrested in music. He grew up making beats and writing lyrics in his notepad with his brother Young Zee( also founded the Outsidaz along with his wife Rah Digga) In the 90's Yah Yah had his big break along with the rest of the Outsidaz when they found themselves with a chance meeting with the Fugees. They also welcomed Eminem as a member of their group. From there they made a number of albums and also played as the house band in the hit show "New York Undercover" Yah Yah has toured with Eminem and D12 on the Anger Management tour. After a few hard knocks Yah Yah is back on the mic and more ready than ever to blow up the Hip Hop scene. Yah Yah is not just another Hip Hopper tryin to make it to the big time. He is a real person with real problems and a love for music and when you mix that all together and put it on a fresh beat you have nothing but a historic event in the making.


Without Struggle- Single coming out Summer 2006
Ya Heard Me- Single coming out Summer 2006
Some Days- Single coming out Summer 2006
Plates- Album - TBA

Set List

45 mins- 1 hour- Depending on Venue

Without Struggle
Ya Heard Me
Some Days
Anybody Can Get It
Bigger Den Us
The Blue Style

Anything from the 1st Album "Plates"