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An iconic blue-eyed crooner from Hoboken, New Jersey once proclaimed that if you can make it in New York City you can make it anywhere. Frank Sinatra’s words have resonated throughout many different genres of entertainment for years, perhaps none more accurately than in the jungle of independent hip-hop, where it seems as though only the sonically strong and lyrically dexterous survive the cynical city and birthplace of the culture. Blessed with one of the most charmingly confident and unique flows on the planet, Manhattan-born, Queens-raised MC Yak Ballz is poised to show that he is more than just a product of the late ‘90s independent boom, a legitimate mic talent that can sit proudly with the kings of his native jungle.


Dirt Empire

Written By: Y. Zadeh

get to work the empire of dirt wants you to work
and you, you better listen and learn before you get hurt
or worse if you don't deserve to live
search to find yourself deep inside this hell on earth my friend

I see a patch of hope , no its an antidote cloak
must be a mask, a hoax dressed like a phantom no ghost
I try to laugh and joke to make the time pass go
Is it a trap for most that makes you happy? no broke
like its grassy slope but not grassy up close
transplants in homes like anthills with clones
I'm in the lab alone, I get it spinnin' like pinwheels
so marvelous in pitch darkness with two sparklers

Sparticus walkin' through the terrordome armorless
dagger through the heart of it, snap bone and cartilage
come to my, come to my city starve with us
God made dirt and dirt is a part of us
replace chewed up wires and spark plugs to spark it up
hit the toll plaza like a runway for cars and trucks
I used to count the water towers, dad drove
now i'm countin' on out of towner's to travel in droves
I mean, the skyline reminds me where I'm from
and how far I've come, I've just begun
you wanna be down? tarred and goosefeathered
then put yourself in a position to getcha' a new profession
from post traumatic stress to pre-pubescent
Post to the Times read who perished
come on pay us a visit put it on your credit card
indebted to large corporations, slide your debit or


whether you a harbinger tryin' to exploit us
your kneelin' on your hands and knees prayin' to nothin' more than a toilet
join us, sit have a drink let me spoil it
I will destroy and own where the oil is
avoid us, choose who roll with, voices
disappointment, election time, choices
we will protect the dream if it means puttin' a team up
fortitude at its best for my people and our freedom
I mean, the landscape reminds me where I'm from
and all those wars won, who I've become
and its fun spreadin' my name through a missile launcher spray nozzle
jet planes flyin' under radar's for paintbombin'
only the crimson velvet hue makes progress
green is what they say the world goes 'round with
we're in the middle of a crucial conflict
you wanna make it, I want your tax dollars

and you can have it all
and you can have a ball
you'll need nothing more
so you can laugh it off
and you can have it all
more drugs and alcohol
but you can't set fire to a dirt empire

and you can have it all
and you can have a ball
you'll need nothing more
so you can laugh it off
and you can have it all
more drugs and alcohol
but nothing is dirt cheap in the land of opportunity




* My Claim (Eastern Conference Records/Caroline - 2004)
* Scifentology II (FloSpot Records- 2008)

12 Inch Releases

* "Homepiss" / "Nasty or Nice" b/w "The Plague" / "Flossin" (Fondle'em Records - 2000)
* "The Freakshow" b/w "For the Critics"/ "Reign" (Definitive Jux Records - 2001)
* "The Drill" b/w "While You Were Sleeping" (Jersey Roots Entertainment/Traffic - 2003)


* “Flossin” - Farewell Fondle'em (Definitive Jux Records - 2001)
* "The Freakshow" Definitive Jux Presents II (Definitive Jux Records – 2002)
* "5 Left In the Clip" with The Weathermen - Eastern Conference Allstars III (Eastern Conference Records - 2003)
* "Let the Games Begin" feat. Vast Aire - Eastern Conference Allstars IV (Eastern Conference Records - 2004)

Appears On

* 2003: "5 Left in The Clip" b/w "5 Left in The Clip Remix" 12-inch from The Weathermen Conspiracy Mix CD (Eastern Conference Records)
* 2004: "Got Wet?" from the Leak Bros (Cage and Tame One) album Waterworld (Eastern Conference Records)
* 2004: "High Fidelity" from the Tame One album "O.G. Bobby Johnson" (Eastern Conference Records)
* 2005: "Get Da Duh" 12-Inch Kosha Dillz (Matza 4 Yo’ Mouf Records)
* 2005: "Left It To Us" from the Cage album Hell's Winter feat. The Weathermen (Aesop Rock, El-P, Tame One, Cage, Yak Ballz) (Definitive Jux Records)
* 2006: "Antidote" from the Slow Suicide Stimulus album Slow Suicide Stimulus FloSpot Records
* 2006: "Say Cheese" from the Slow Suicide Stimulus album Slow Suicide Stimulus FloSpot Records

Mix CD's

* 2005: The Missing Cassettes
* 2006: Scifentology: The Mixtape

Set List

30 Minutes

Method Intro
Out of Range
Dirt Empire
Cha-Ching (Clap Your Hands)
Nuclear Society
The Freakshow