'The Swirl' is Pino Iacovella
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'The Swirl' is Pino Iacovella


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Oh What A Night 31.03.08"

Well he's been here and there but no doubting this local Brisbane lad's songwriting ability and talent. Pino Iacovella received a resounding response from the local music industry awards night when accepting his award for the songwriters local jingle award 2007.
The piece has been widely acclaimed and has been used on a national corporate television campaign.
Well done. Lets all drink to that.

- Arthur Publishing/Cameron Smith

"Local Musical Underway 28.03.08"

'She was Gone', where did she go? You might ask.! Well after previewing some early tracks and dance routines, it has to be said that this Brisbane produced musical has the potential to knock on some international doors. Pino Iacovella, Brisbane based musican and songwriter has taken a stab in the dark and gone all musical on us, but wait there's more..He has not only written the music, he has also penned the play/musical and has had a major input into the dance routines. When will this guy stop.!
I had a quick chat to Pino in a local Brisbane city coffee shop and it has to be said that this guy doesn't lack confidence or know how. In fact he is so confident of it being a success somewhere he even shouted me the coffee.
"This project took me by surprise, I've never written a full on play or musical so I jumped at the chance. After a Sydney based duo pulled out of the initial idea at the very early stages I thought I'd continue and here we are."
I've known Pino for over 15 years and he certainly has the ability to pull it off, but could it lack the funding required I asked? "Well, I was kinda hoping you would fork out the funds" he replied, "The key is that Brisbane has such as vast range of unexplored and undiscovered talent in music, dance and fashion. I believe in starting very small using those resources and building it up to something national and possibly global" he said.
Well who could argue with that. - Arthur Publishing/Cameron Smith

"The Swirl helps local artists 09.05.07"

Local band "The Swirl" has created a great initiative for young upcoming performers to help out at their private function gigs.
Gary Jade, drummer of the band has been coaching local 19 year old, Gareth Bould for the past 18 months and has had remarkable success in training percussion skills. Bass Guitarist, Pino Iacovella has taken a group of students from the Queensland Music of Conservatorium, thrown them into a studio, developed their skills and musicianship, thus created a fresh outfit called 'Join The Dots' , a funky 4 piece outfit that sounds like a 28 piece orchestra live. "Some of the guys actually help out when we play our private gigs live so that they can have a hands on approach with the basic pre-set up, sound checks, wiring the rigs, sound mixing, simple lighting and even playing on stage for some of the songs" Pino says, "The worst part is the 2am packup and unplug, but its all worth the fun effort as lots of fun is had by all" They all agreed with that. - Music Mag/Gina Mason

"The Swirl plays local no more 01.12.04"

Brisbane band "The Swirl" has decided to concentrate their musical efforts on private gigs and helping out local talent.
Justin Lallette, lead singer of the band had watered down the idea of a split, instead spraying it out there that the band would concentrate on bidding for private corporate functions.
"We already have 4 gigs booked for December this year, and bookings for 11 shows for the first half of next year." He also stated that most of the shows booked were purely word of mouth.
He continued on praising the efforts of all the band members association with local talent when helping out at the band's shows. "All of the guys and girls that help out during the shows are doing it for experience and have been great."
Let The Swirl begin... - JukeBox/Denise Rayden

"Logic in Love is Logic 23.10.07"

Singer Songwriter Pino Iacovella has provided one of the most interesting insights into his musical talents. 'Logic in Love' provides a smooth transition of 80's into modern music, and to think this is only a home demo recording. By his standards he claims he is no singer and writes for others to perform, yet the quality and standard is high right through out his recordings.
"Most of the songs were written some time ago and have been sitting around laying dormant, so I thought I'd revive them again, have a bit of fun with them. They actually sound great 'live' and always get a great reception from the crowds."
Looking forward to his new cd's mid year he says "The new songs will be very unlike Logic as I had to get that out of my system", yeah well whatever that means....
Great listen, and enjoy.
- The Jukebox/Catherine Goonery


Released cd ep "too lait to wait" 1989
Released cd "Let me in" 2002
Released cd "Hook" 2006
Released cd demo "Logic in Love" 2007
Tracks include:
cold passion, no more good byes, all about eve, walk out, let it go, want for you, t.o.y, like you, moon 017, shattered dream.

available on itunes link below.

Soon to be released "she was gone" the musical, a celebration of music, dance and fashion.
Tracks include:
too late to wait, ordinary boy, dream a dance, you will never be afraid, shattered dream, stilleto red, q girl, inside story, lost my way, she was gone.

New and upcoming tracks include:

my sense
to build a home
changed a lot
rave d
we're no angels
moon 013
teach me
cougar stare
much like you
blue hearts
in the making
tied up in knots
sub divide
looking for you
my world
your world
you're intense
check this out
make up
au revoir jeune fille
rip it
tell me what
night time great time
moon 011
those three little
dollars and sense
most of the time
suave like you
electric shock
plug me in
find me out
come around
presley's motor car
mad mats
tell me when
messing with you
red rosso



Songwriting is something special, when you write, record, produce your own music then mix the final product, its a journey that takes you from an idea jumping around in your head to a song and lyric that can sound great, be entertaining and exciting to perform.
My music has developed via different styles. I have a great love for classical, pop, rock, dance and country, all types of music. From learning music at a very young age I began to experiment in writing and recording music, then ultimately perform live with early school bands.
I recall my mum listening to an early recording and said that it sounded like something out of a washing machine..hence 'The Swirl.'
I have formed and gigged with several bands in Brisbane including:

'The Swirl' late 80's - won Battle of The Bands_Brisbane
'Versey' late 80's, - won Battle of Bands_Brisbane
'Beats Me' late 80's into 90's_ touring Queensland, News South Wales playing mainly private gigs.
Then back to reform 'The Swirl' still playing today.

Touring and performing live with a fun group of guys and gals is one the best musical experiences I've ever had.
Ultimatley writing,recording and music production has been my long time passion.
I concentrate on writing music for up and coming rock/pop outfits and play the odd gig here and there. (check out the calender link above).
2007 saw the long awaited release of my ' Logic IN Love' CD demo. This has been well received and had airplay on local FM stations and music venues.
Over the last 10 years I have musically produced and recorded some local talent, live mixing for local bands and managed several up and coming rock bands.

Always on the lookout to produce music for up and coming bands/artists for them to perform and record my songs with future management, and further opportunity within the music industry.

Go to www.itunes.com, enter pino iacovella and have a listen. PLAY IT LOUD..!!!!!