Yakuza Heart Attack

Yakuza Heart Attack


Hello. We are Yakuza Heart Attack. We love cop movies, jazz drumming, and Stravinsky's Firebird Suite. We are confident you will enjoy our modern sounds.


The members of Yakuza Heart Attack have been playing in various Dayton bands for years (Jet Kid Committee, Five Deadly Venoms) but came together as an outlet for more progressive, compositionally based tunes in early 2005. Each member of the Heart Attack has an intense love for a variety of artists, which conveniently merge into melodic, keyboard driven art rock. Sounds good!? Check them out if you like: enormous synthesizers, video games, early electronic music, sheer beauty, and four men sweating...


"Yakuza Heart Attack" - Squidseye Records
"Yakuza Heart Attack II" - Squidseye Records

Set List

Kudasai Rocket
The Mongering
Imperial Rainbow
Voyage to a Prehistoric Planet
Material Destruction
Evil Brain
Atomic Rulers
Skeleton Jelly
Double Death Journey
Tears of the Judge
Speed II
Hyper Fun Zone
Scarlet Moon
Hello Dance
Goodbye Rainbow Road