Richardson, Texas, USA

Modern casual progressive-tense rock trio from Dallas that favors both subtle wit and quantity.


YAM is an all-original Dallas, TX progressive rock trio. Explosive, punky and intense, but peppered with psychedelic sarcasm and atmospheric synth touches, YAM is a great accompaniment to your library if you like bands like Pavement, The Damned, The Who, Fugazi, Zappa, They Might Be Giants. Formed in 2005 as "You & Me" and continuing with new releases: YAM's "Assumptions" in 2009 and "Kick Out the YAMs" in 2012.


You & Me (YAM) "formerly high horse" LP/CD, 2005, blueFug music
YAM "Assumptions" LP/CD 2009, blueFug Music
YAM "Kick Out The YAMs" LP 2012, bluefug Music

Set List

Typically 45-60 minute sets, 10-12 songs, all original. Tunes from past 3 albums and new songs.