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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


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The Tiki Taka Song was a club ht record in Mexico under Mercury label.
Wholly Bully was also a great hit in Mexico under Mercury!!!
Live your dreams album was used in 911 to ease pain and sorrow as a gift to all the dignataries and geads of state of the country!!!!!
Choosen by the Mexican goverment as the world peace messenger to deliver thru music a message of peace to the world.
Wrote Jedi Knight for two of the Star War movie pop album version. For the Phanton menace and the Last Episode!
I have release two albums under the name of Fenix, One under the name of Live your dreams and one named Tao, recently.


Feeling a bit camera shy


It all began when I was in grammar school and the teacher asked me if I would sing at the school teachers day celabration. I always would carry my guitar around since this was my instrument by my Mom's choice. I wanted to play the piano and she couldn't afford to buy me one so she gave me a guitar instead. As long as I played music I was happy so I learned to play the guitar. I sang for the first time at my school's big celabration in front of about five to six hundred students and teachers and parents. I sang to them beautiful songs from Puerto Rico that reached their hearts. By the time I was finished they were all crying and had a standing ovation. At that time in my life I learned where my placed was and where my spirit would soared! I never forgot the my history teacher that asked me to sing, she really helped me to defined my path!!! From there onwards I began to entertained in every function and activity I went. My father would take me to all his friends so I could sing for them just for the heck of it! Every time I sang for people I felt home. I was so relax and happy that I felt that I was at the right place with the right purpose. And this is how I began my singing endevors in my life. From there onward I sang in just about every event I went to and then later on went to school in Boston where I began to seriously enter the entertaiment arena. I studied a BFA in theater realizing as I went along the way, that my real major should have been either musical theater or just plain music, because that's where my soul was the happiest. But needles to say I went on and finished my acting degree and right after college moved to NYC where I enbarked right away in my music career. It was a natural for me, it was what was in my veins so the law of attraction brought me forward to begin writting music and singing for tv and radio commercials. The rest was history began to play and sing in as many opportunities as I was hired for in as many occacions as I could. I was signed by a few major labels, Mercury , Sony having great success in some of the Latin American countries. For instance in Mexico I had a great club Mix that hit the top of the charts. At the time I was doing cover songs and making them into dance versions, People loved them so it was an instant love atraction between the audience and my band and me. I was promoted as an latin american artist singing in English for Spanish audiences. It was a lot of fun and it was so exilarating. Today I finished my lates album, Tao, is an exiting array of different compositions and pop music that bring amazing entertaiment to the world. Released independently in NYC at Show in November 2006 with a packed house and great acceptance form my local Newyorker people. They simply loved me and said it was "the new Latin cutting edge!!!!" We have a great high intense energy band that when we put up a show we grab the audience and make them part of us. Loving to perform and bringign the people right home is one of my great forte's!!! I love to be on stage , is really home for me. I am a real artist, a true entertainer!!!!! So let's all have a great time and bring Tao concert to the world!!! You will have the time of your life!!!!!