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New York City, New York, United States

New York City, New York, United States
Band Pop World


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Four album's total ; Fenix, Fenix, Live your Dreams, & Tao
I have done many national t.v. and radio commercials ( Jingles) composed and sang all of them
The Tiki Taka Song was a hit in Mexico
Jend Knight was on the Star Wars The Phantom Menace pop production album



Yamira borned in the paradise island of Puerto Rico with amazing creative energy and excitement for life; is now living in the big apple, New York City. No chances, she’s well matched with her level of intensity and passion with this fantastic city, no other like it.

From childhood, Yamira was fascinated with the piano but settled for the guitar for practical life reasons. And so she began entertaining all those that came across her way. Singing and playing the guitar causing to captivate the hearts of those listening often bringing tears to theirs eyes with her romantic and melancholic tunes. It was obvious since her early on days, that her destiny would be singing to the masses. Loving to dance as well, she engaged in dance lessons like Flamenco, Jazz, Ballet and African. Bringing an outlet to express herself in more than one way. Sharing with all her deepess and passion of life thru music, dance and singing. After studying in Emerson College a BFA, she decided to embarked to NYC and experiment the city options for her career and aspirations.

As she evolved thru life, she took the best of her and brought it forward to embark into an expansion of her talents, composition. By writing the music of her heart she traveled to a new dimension of her art. Sharing now even deeper thoughts and beliefs of herself with the world. Reaching out with this newly discovered talent she reached out to the world to exposed it. Beginning then a new phase of her career. Being hired by many different groups to write for them either songs or radio and T.V. commercials. It was then when she really tuned in to her real love, writing and singing. It was a true communion with her heart and soul.

Her first encounter with the record companies was with Polygram records. Recording her first album, Fenix. Bringing old cover Spanish songs and making them into a dance beat with English lyrics to them. It was mostly successful in Mexico and Brazil. She continued with her second recording experience with Epic, Sony. In this Fenix production she began to write some of her own tunes with a world feel to them. Doing concerts throughout Central and South America and Puerto Rico. Moving onward with her aspirations to write more of her own music she went on to her third album, Live your Dreams. She says “If you truly listen to the lyrics in Live your dreams, you will really get to know a lot more about who I am. Life is not just what it seems, there’s a whole world inside each one of us. All different from one another………..” And so she went on to sing and dance to her music in as many opportunities as she was invited too. Live your Dreams was independently released selling quite well. Also used as an inspiration to all the heads of states and cities of the US, after the 9/11 incident to ease their pains and sorrows Some of her producers in this production were Meco Monardo, Jose Gallegos and Javier Garza.

Meco, the greatest artist and producer from the Star Wars movie dance tracks making Platinum and Gold records; hired Yamira to write a song for one of his Star Wars renditions. And so she wrote Jedi Knight for the Phantom Menace produced by Meco.

Her latest production was with Ron Zabrocki, Tao, her fourth album. Continuing her path of a composer and a singer , of course she brought more of her intimate self into this new tunes. Revealing more of her experiences of love and life on her path. She says “There’s always a story behind each written song”. Ron co-wrote some of the songs in this Tao production. He brought her more to the pop world and enhanced her vibrant voice resonating her best tones, tunes and moods translating them to the commercial market place. “She believes that every day is an opportunity to make a difference so why not make it thru her best talent, music”.

Now more than ever Yamira is more passionate about her career than ever. After four albums and commencing her fifth production. She says now is when she is more than ready to continue enchanting the people of the world. Loving to sing , loving to performed, and loving to compose, how better can it get? Her concerts are very vibrant and full of positive energy bringing amazing happiness and good spirit to the masses. If you are interested in an incredible good music of the heart and soul, then you are in for a treat with Yamira. Arrivederci !!!!