Yamomanem hits New Orleans Jazz and Secondline with flavors of vintage Latin American and Eastern European sounds. We swing out to Jelly Roll, King Oliver and hits of the 20s and 30s, add some funky electric guitar and percussion. Classic Jazz meets Classic Latin/Carribean, and East European Folk.


Monty co founded Panorama Jazz Band in New Orleans, moved to DC and Started a jazz band. Yamomanem is New Orleans for Your Mom and Them - family. The band recreates alot of whats cool about New Orleans in Metro DC- gathering Big Easy Expats to local gigs where the party takes a Down South turn every time. As in the old days with Panorama Jazz, Yamomanem Jazz looks beyond New Orleans to dance music - especially folk music from other countries to bring into the mix. Yamomanem plays every type of situation- from schools and nursing homes ( we will always play nursing homes) to clubs, weddings, festivals, and, in the New Orleans tradition, the Jazz Funerals.

Set List

Set list varies according to the type of gig. A Festival or club set usually breaks down into three show pieces from the 20s ( Ostrich Walk, South Rampart St Parade) a couple of pop standard sing alongs ( Bye Bye Black Bird etc) three Latin Pieces, a funk jam or two, and some two beat Polka/Cocek/Ranchera/Klezmer pieces.
Typical set is 45-60 minutes. Total show is generally 3 hours.