World music group focusing on the importance of positive message and vibrations from the source out. Musicians are ethnically varied with a penchant for improvisation based on various world and american rhythms .


Yanbo means "Extend the waves" in chinese, also means "Sun treasure" taken apart phonetically. The philosophy is to explore the boundaries of the unknown which is the eternity that lies in our soul. lead singer Alex De Angelis recently hitchiked across southern United States with guitar playing town to town and on the highway with no ID. Big test of character and great confidence builder. Influences come from various styles, Mahavishnu, reggae and other island music, West African rhythms, classical music (Keyboardist trained in France), lyrics are influenced from many different lyricist strong influence from Poetry. Yanbo has been playing for over 3 years, in various places around Florida holding a residency @ Underground Bluz near University of Central florida campus. Individual members have traveled extensively across different parts of the globe always re-incorporating the influences in the music. Places visited include Europe, Jamaica, Middle East and various places all over United States. We back it up when we say we are a world music band. our style is unique, music with energy and power.


First Album is being mixed called "Maanyi" Zulu for POWER. Tracks can be heard on www.myspace.com/yanbomusic and more info on band @ www.osp.net/yanbomusikcollective.

Set List

Set list is based off World beats including some covers by Marley, Doors, and other well-known acts. Mostly the music is an interrupted seried of grooves kind of like P-Funk in that there is seldom a break in 3 to 4 hours. songs include "I've been searching for a morning star", "pleasure for her", "Fashion by mistake", "see you on the other side of the Rainbow bridge".