Yanus was founded in Bologna - Italy, in October 2005 from an idea of Joe "Moonyfingers" Manzardo. Yanus' purpose is made up of original songs inspired by modern English and American music which they have refined and adjusted through their own many listening experiences of jazz, rock, classic, ecc.


"Ianus" was an ancient double-faced Roman divinity. It was used to represent many things, among others the end and the beginning of the year. It's often used to stand for an individual with two or more personalities though.
In fact Yanus is a rock band that gets its inspiration from the best musical styles and sources; like melodic rock, easy-listening jazz, not too technical prog-rock and - why not - well arranged pop music. All these ideas come together into a single passion and aim which is to play good music and songs.
The band Yanus was founded in October 2005 from an idea of the composer/guitar player Joe "Moonyfingers" Manzardo involving in his project the drummer Eros "Good old Benny" Benini and the bass player Simon "Moro" Moretti. Several lead vocal has been changed since then, bur it seems that they can say the last word with Ilenia "The Princess" Manfredini at the mike.


With Rayn, Yanus recorded their first miniCD "Another World" that came out for sale in January 2007.
The single Dreaming Antilles is still transmitted by several Italian radio networks

Set List

Yanus set list concern 12 original songs + a handful of cover such as Eddie Brickel, Tori Amos, Toto, Patty Smith