Perth, Western Australia, AUS

A breath of fresh air to the RnB genre is what they're calling singer/songwriter YARA. With her infectious fusion of Pop, Rnb and Soul, teamed with sultry vocals, this Australian beauty is set to take over the charts! Dont be left behind!


-Y A R A-

Born in Mozambique and raised in Australia, Yara brings an exotic flair to the game. Her unique style is displayed throughout her music, and her hopes of music stardom are facilitated by the hunger to succeed and bless people with beautiful music. "i've been through so many things in my life to get where i am now, some good and some really really painful. I want my music to express where ive been and how i've felt, so people listening know they're not alone"

Yara is a singer/songwriter who's love for the old school sound has heavily influenced her writing and vocal style. Falling in love with the likes of Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles has given her a solid understanding of music from a very young age. "Living in Australia has given me such a broad range of musical influences. Starting from the African music i listened to at home, to the classic vinyl of Micheal Jackson, to the rock most of my freinds were into and then finally to the Rnb and Soul i was magnetically drawn to."

In Australia Yara’s song’s such as "Im Going Crazy" and "Put Ur Hands Together" have featured in the top five on local radio stations, and have been featured on Kiss My WAMI, the compilation released yearly by the Western Australian Music Industry Association.

Yara has been featured on countless mixtapes which saw the success of the "Baby Remix"( originally a a song by US rapper Fabolous), igniting appearances on radio, mixshows, magazines, press, internet, and led to the opportunity to travel to the US to work with some of the top producers in the Urban genre. "I was very lucky to to have the opportunity to work with people like Tha Cornaboyz, Ron Browz and Hip hop icon No ID, ive come away from that with some crazy music and priceless experience."

Yara has received nominations such as best hip hop act in the MusicOz awards and best live RnB in the Australian Live Music Awards and Best indie Rnb Artist at the Southern Ent Awards (USA). She has been invited to open various events including Zeven, Kelis, The Outlaws and this year Yara performed for the internationally televised OZ Concert, Celebrating Australia Day in Western Australia.

This RnB beauty has been featured in magazines such as Rhyme & Reason, Smooth Mag and Rap fanatic to name a few. Her songs have been played on radio stations across the globe including Australia’s biggest Urban Station, Blackbeat and UKs BBC1.

With all the hard work, determination, and talent, many people in the industry are calling her one of the future superstars of RnB.

Look out for her debut album later this year...


"Baby" Remix ft Fabolous - 2006
"Thats the Way Love Goes" - 2006
"Each & Everyday" - 2006
"Dance Wit Me" Ft 50 Cent & Snoop - 2006

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