Lisbon, Lisbon, PRT



Years at cementing a love for music. Some of them, connected to electricity, between cables and broken drumsticks, with ideas and the willingness for them to be listened... loud.

Paths taken ... the latest arrival is now the starting point for a new journey. A journey that takes us somewhere, perhaps no farther than ourselves. Perhaps no more than to the purest and most basic instincts, those who hold all the rest.

Not worrying in creating something that fits a particular genre, gently shake the dust of the guitar, uncover the drum kit. Like the dust, that with the help of the wind insists in drawing the hardest rock through persistence, the Yardangs insists in rock music.

Starting engines. The go is now. The soundtrack it is chosen. Something that sounds good with the wind that comes through the window. That invites us to sneak peek at what comes after what is seen in the distance. The limit is always at the horizon distance. We drive to get there, and what matters is what makes the landscape. What remains after time pass.

wind carved rock 'n' roll