Yard Arm

Yard Arm


Yard Arm is a young group of guys that realize their God given potential. This foursome has the right formula to play nationwide. With an extremly marketable sound Yard Arm bridges countless barriers appealing to a diverse audience.


Yard Arm came together in the winter of ‘95. Before this time, front man Erick Frazier, drummer Sumi Dave, and bass player Kyle Frazier experimented with different guitar players and styles of music before deciding on Patrick Roberts to fill the position of lead guitar. Yard Arm spent most of high school playing first for friends at parties and later at local venues. Just before graduation they released their first album consisting of 13 original tracks recorded at Patrick McGuire Recording Studios.

After graduation, Yard Arm packed up their equipment and moved to Austin to pursue their musical ambitions and continue their education. They quickly gained recognition and momentum playing at many of the local clubs such as The Back Room, The Metro, Momo’s, Copper Tank, Mango’s, and Park Avenue. Having a clearer focus on their music the band went into the studios again to record a four-song demo in December of ’99.

Recently, Yard Arm expanded its reach to include Dallas and College Station. With an expanding fan base and a growing support on the road, the band continues to draw more people in at each performance. Yard Arm plays regularly in Deep Ellum at Club Clearview, Liquid Lounge, Curtain Club, and the Third Floor Cantina in College Station.

Yard Arm was recently featured with interviews and musical performances on Fox 7 and 93.7, KLBJ. They also participated in the 2001 New Years International Music Festival in Mexico. With the release of their latest project, Yard Arm will be using the five-track album to promote future appearances. The new EP is entitled “Substance”. The name embodies the direction of the band as well as the depth of their lyrics. Yard Arm knows that dedication, hard work, and creative talents will bring success. The band is prepared to do whatever it takes.

Yard Arm’s music is geared towards alternative Modern Rock. With many influences in style, each song is unique in its own approach. Deep, full distortion, driving melodies, and creative synergy inspire their artistic direction. Yard Arm is about “making music that people can enjoy, but more importantly make music that people can relate to.” “Every song has a story to tell and a message to bring,” says lead singer Erick Frazier, “and my goal is to get the story out.”


"Substance" is Yard Arm's latest release consisting of ten original tracks.

Set List

Falling In
Plain Days
Man on the Wall
Smile in a Crowd
I Feel
If I Wait
I'm not that Strong