The Yard Art Project

The Yard Art Project


The Yard Art Project provides a tastey blend of thick guitar riffage mixed with sweet keyboard soundscapes, all poured over a foundation of solid rock drums and bass. Take one bite out of this high energy mixture and you'll ask for seconds, smell that? Smells like ROCK & ROLL!


You may have heard The Yard Art Project but you haven't EXPERIENCED The Yard Art Project untill you've seen a show! OK so you've seen it all a thousand times: "We're so awesome, we're so good, we're so cool, blah blah fart blah..." Well WE'RE NOT. We're nothing like that. Forget everything you think you already know about bands, cuz you don't know nothin about this band. When it comes down to it, sure we can play...after 3 years together you can bet your mother that this group can straight up rock! But that's not what we're talkin about here.
Have you ever had a Rockstar energy drink? Have you had 3 of the HUGE ones in 20 minutes? That's right...your body sweat shout things that make no's scary I know. Now when's the last time you got that worked up over a band before? Sure you've seen some good ones, but as soon as you take you're first BIG GULP of the 4 Rockstars on stage at a Yard Art show (let's face it - we're the rockstars Nickelback wants so badly to be like) you might possibly soil yourself. Come on now, who wouldn't want to have that much fun at a show? Besides, what other bands do you know of that can make a lawn gnome look cool? That's what I thought.


The End

Written By: The Yard Art Project

My heart falls to the ground
But that's the way you made it
My mind insanely unsound
But that's the way you made it

Things get out of control
I hate it when I know that you know
We'll see what you can do
When I turn my back on you

What's here is never enough for you
You've taken more than I can give
Sometimes it's hard to walk away
But anything's better than this
Even the end

Time stops the end is never found
But that's because you hate it
Footsteps pass without a sound
I know that I can't take it


Written By: The Yard Art Project

Maybe this is the first time that I'll remember
Maybe this is the last time that you'll forget
Is there anything left now to fill your heart up
Is there anything left in your eyes but regret

It's two a.m. another sleepless night
Words they're falling like the rain
And I'd dream of you if I could only sleep
Let me know when you can let me in

As the story is fading I can't remember
Those words you said you know I can't forget
Is there anything left now that I ripped your heart out
Your heart is nothing but a stone in your chest

I can't take this anymore
Morale is gone
And you have broken me

Inside Out

Written By: The Yard Art Project

Do you really know what you want
Do you really know wher you're going now
Are you lost, are you found
Are you up, are you down
Do you really know where you're going now

Give it up and loose it all
Are you waiting for your chance to break
Give it up and loose it all in the end

Take my life and turn it inside out
Throw my dreams away
Break me down and tell me why I'm here
Do I really need this anyway

All I really want is more
Not the same old song we've heard before
I know you know there's no such thing
As a dream come true in a diamond ring

Am I lost or am I found
Am I up or am I down
Is this as real as real can be
Or just a nightmare filled with empty dreams


Favorite Regret - Our first true testimonial of what we're capable of. We have received some local radio airplay with "Dream".

Set List

Our typical set list is about 45 minutes of origninal music but it's pretty flexible. We like to give 'em enough for a good taste without stuffing them until they collapse. We do have our own arrangement of Hendrix's Voodoo Child, however, it tends to bring down the house (we appologize in advance). The set typically looks like this:

1. Dream
2. Paradox
3. Live
4. Inside Out
5. The End
6. Favorite Regret
7. I Won't
8. Stereotype
9. Voodoo Child (encore, if we're so lucky)