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This band has not uploaded any videos



"The Inlander: Yard Sail"

This pleasant surprise is filled with catchy, pop-punk-y, reggae and ska influenced music that is both danceable and somewhat cerebral. It seems to deal with both personal and social issues in a way that brings some depth to the music, while still remaining fun and boisterous. Good times. (MH) - Miranda Hale / Inlander

"103.1 Local Lounge"

I've been a fan of the funky rock sounds of Yardsail for some time and I've really enjoyed watching them evolve from a band with amazing talent and energy into THE band with amazing talent and energy with a screaming following. Their passion absolutely sets them apart.

When they came in to be a part of the 103.1 KCDA Local Lounge, I was even more impressed with their professionalism. It's not often you'll come across an independent band with the kind of package that Yardsail offers up. They have an incredible sound that's sure to a chemistry with each other that infects their audience, and an energy that will get every person in the room out of their seat and moving toward the dance floor. I found myself (their studio "audience") dancing as I recorded them in the KCDA studio. I couldn't help myself!

These guys are sure to make it big and take the country by storm. They are catchy enough to make you sing along, and original enough to make you want to hear what's coming next. Watch for them on the national scene; It's definitely in their future.

Stella Mar
103.1 KCDA - Stella Mar, Producer


Yard Sail has released two previous EP's under the name Badfish. With the new name and change of direction. Though multiple demos have been distributed under the YS name, the first full length album is being scheduled to release this Spring in 2006.


Feeling a bit camera shy


It's fist to face, punch to the stomach, melody meets rock n' roll, as the five members of Yard Sail cultivate a sound that is as evolved as they are. Each of the members has a maturity and realization of what it's going to take to bring the regional, national, and multi-national music scene to its knees.

There is fire and passion in the message of every song composed. Burning relentlessly from the never ending struggle of the nations, they speak of the fear and injustices being ignored throughout the world today.

On Sunday January 15th, 2006, in an unprecedented, jaw-dropping display of musicianship and creativity, the final member and missing link to this current powerhouse was inducted as both friend and brother. Four became five for the first time in YS history.

All business in 2006, the whole organization will stop at nothing to make sure that people know the name and what they stand for. All the late night rehearsals, all the back-alley shows in hopes of winning over one more fan, all the fans with fists in air against those who would criticize and proclaim they don't have what it takes. This sacrifice is made for the love of music and the pursuit of spreading the message of YS.

Hear the unparelled sound. This is the future of Yard Sail. It is the hour before judgment day as the world of music and unsuspecting fans bare witness to an unleashing of talent, explosive energy, professionalism, and passion for all things enveloped in truth.

Prepare for a groundbreaking EP due out this Spring in 06, and a supporting tour across the U.S. west coast in August. It is also the mission of this band to work with agencies across the world in hopes of spreading their message to Europe and the Middle East late this year. Make sure you keep an eye on these guys. This band has the motivation and drive that will bring them success while sharing their passion of music to the world.