it is world raggae beat mixed with english patwa and native zimbabwean laugage with strong african roots and culture with a touch of dancehall and roots


his name is yardsteppa he started music and arts since high school in zimbabwe and has been growing and evolving eversince which lead him to relocate in canada , you can check his profile on www.myspace.com/yardsteppa or videos on you tubes or google him for more information ,I have known and have had the privilege of playing with Yardsteppa for many years.To me, he is one of the truly original, vibrant artists on the Montreal scene today.
He brings a powerfully effective fusion combining traditional forms from his native Zimbabwe with contemporary North American sounds and styles. The result is a particularly enticing mix that appeals to a very wide audience, as I have had the delight of witnessing many times; all this without sacrificing honesty, authenticity and depth.
In addition, he is a rare breed in the musical world in his professionalism, reliability, and trustworthiness. I never had to worry about whether Yardsteppa would be on time for a gig or perform to the maximum of his potential.
Finally, I can attest that these qualities stem from the character and strong values of the man in which respect, humour, attentiveness, fair-mindedness, hard work and talent are all rolled into one.
Yardsteppa deserves to be much more widely known and heard. He's got an important message and a musical sound that can deliver it.


album -the dedication
-working hard and strong
i am in love -settelite radio
little shoty -ckut 90.3
usacheme - ckut90.3
jah is there - coco radio

Set List

covers depends on the type of gig and how long