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Somerville, Massachusetts, United States | INDIE

Somerville, Massachusetts, United States | INDIE
Band World Folk


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Jack Perricone, Song Writer"

"YARINA's native costumes and their music can be described as delightful.... they are no doubt one of the best Ecuadorian groups playing in the United States" - Berklee College of Music

"Kae Kotarski"

"As YARINA's Roberto Cachimuel steps off the stage, violin in place, he slowly circles the audience, drawing us in and holding all captive with his luxurious glides across the strings... It is a crime that this musical family are still relatively unknown..." - Sing Out Magazine

"Matt Wunsch"

"They switched instruments constantly and had the kind of vocal chemistry that seems only to come from being blood relatives... they certainly got creative with their rendition of Mozart's Symphony No. 40... to say that they gave it a Latin feel would be a bit simplistic, but their rendition of this Mozart piece was a shining example of what YARINA does musically" - Time Out Magazine

"Daniel Strain"

"Those present were brought deep into the Andes mountains and were able to experience this colorful, creative culture through YARINA's music... howling beautiful singing and air-born whistles from panpipes swept everyone off their feet" - Johnson State College

"Carl Beatty"

"YARINA's musicianship is excellent and is truly a treasure that contributes to the musical diversity of Boston, and by inference, the United States" - MP&E Berklee College of Music


-Live at the Pequot Museum "Foxwoods Casino" (Yari Records 2008)
-Nawi (Yari Records 2004)
-Inspiration (Yari Records 2001)
-Por Siempre "Forever" (Yari Records 1999)
-Amanecer "Sunrise" (Yari Records 1997)
-500 Años "500 Years" (Yahuar Wauky 1993)



Winners of the 2005 NAMMYS for “Best World Music Recording Category” at the Native American Music Awards and the “Best Folk Music Recording” at the 2005 Indian Summer Music Awards, both with their latest album NAWI. This group of siblings have dedicated their careers to the preservation of Indigenous Identity through music, dance and poetry. Their music captivates audiences of all ages.

Yarina’s repertoire ranges from ancient Andean rhythms to original compositions, incorporating Jazz, Blues, Latin and Classical Western styles. Since 1991, they have been working for cultural and arts events and educational programs in the Northeastern US.

Their wholehearted dedication to musicianship, ancestral dance and cultural expression has earned them the honor of being named "Ambassadors for Indigenous Ecuadorian Performers" by the Department of Culture. Quito, Ecuador. Founded in 1984 by three brothers and their father and now joined by the younger siblings they continue to perform throughout their native country of Ecuador and the United States including the Kennedy Center, the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian, The Metropolitan Museum, First Night Celebrations and the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues