Yarrow Slaps

Yarrow Slaps

 San Francisco, California, USA
BandHip HopWorld

Hello my name is Yarrow Slaps aka The One Who Raps. I'm from San Francisco, California and am creating hip hop music from a new perspective. Already having 40+ shows and independently selling 1000 cds people are adjusting to my viewpoint. Put your money on me i am the future. Hope to hear from you,1


I don't listen to too many other rappers, that way my flow remains true to me. If i had to say a few artists i respect , 2pac, big L, DonnyHathaway/Marvin Gaye and Digibal Planets. What sets me apart from everyone else is that i am going left. My music is a news station. My music comes from my heart and then is sent up 2 my brain where i process. I am not from this world, i am just a visitor, so i am explaining to the listener how i feel about the world, myself and the things i enjoy and enjoy doing. 1


I have two solo projects out now. "Yarrow Slaps The EP" , and my most recent "Its About Time." I have hit singles "How I feel" and Hello World" among many others. I have been on the Pirate Cat Radio Show in San Francisco and have been a regular feature on websites from digitaldripped.com to everyoneloveshiphop.com

Set List

I would like to get paid $100 for my shows at this point. But i am willing to bargain for exposure... All i need is 2 mikes and a guestlist to bring my people. If you were going to bring me food i enjoy , Al pastor and Buche super tacos , and sashimi plates.