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be my lover tonite

Written By: yash daniels

Words and musik by Yash Daniels

I was riding around in my home town
In my old automobile
When I spied me a long legged honey
Over my steering wheel
I pulled on over to the side of the road to get me a better view
I wound down my window and I said to her
Hey baby, how do you do?


I said hey baby, hey baby, hey hey hey sweet baby, wont you be my lover tonite

She came on over to my car, looking pretty mean
She said what’s that you said my boy
You think that your James Dean
Well she just kept on looking at me,
I was thinking what else to say
So I opened up my back door and said,
hey come on, make my day


she put her hands on her hips,
turned around, and strode on by
she left me sitting over my steering wheel
facing empty sky
so I started up my old automobile
headed back out on the street
when I spied me another long legged honey
clicking her high heeled feet



Written By: yash daniels

The world keeps on turning
Words and musik by yash daniels

When your out on your own, no direction bound
And your feet feel heavy, your eyes are hot on the ground
Your head is ringing, but you don’t hear the sound
Of the world as it keeps on burnin

So your travelling on, through the silver night
And your heart is yearning, for what is right
Nobody is with you, yet you don’t know of fright
As the world it keeps on burnin
So w’eve gotta keep on rolling
Out along that cold and windswept highway
Yes w’eve got to keep on strolling along
Until we learn, to do it our way

So many faces, too many places, for you to see
Your visions been blurred,its so absurd, can this truly be
Imagine all these situations, like something from a family tree
And the earth, keeps on burnin

You’ve been into this, you’ve been into that, still your lifes not flat
Pass that back down the line
You’ve been into him, you’ve been into her, yet somethings still astir
Wont you pass that down the line

Now the times are changing, what more can we do
But to live our lives, courageous and true
And maybe in the end, were gonna win through
Even though the earth keeps burnin