yasmine ariel

yasmine ariel

 Kfar Saba, Central District, ISR

Our music is pleasing to the soul but defies categorization. The styles we blend are as varied as our many artistic influences to create our own unique sound. We have a wide audience appeal and in broad terms our music falls into the Pop category.


Yasmine Ariel, born in the United States, came from a culturally mixed, musical home and has known she was a singer since the age of 5. Rami Halperin, born in Israel, got his first electric guitar at age 15, and was influenced by a variety of Rock and Blues artists/guitarists. Something special happened when they came together, each one complimenting the musical talents of the other, and from their first meeting they wasted no time beginning work on their first album together. They spent a year writing material, performing together acoustically, falling in love, and soon after married. They met Nir Danan in 2007, a talented musician/producer who joined forces with them to create their album, and helped form their band. Soon after dan katz unique drummer, and Idan David, gifted keyboarder and vocalist completed the band.


stupid mistakes

Written By: yasmine ariel

Stupid Mistakes

Yes I make stupid mistakes
And I'm always a little bit late
Some days to slide by I fake
And some days
it's memories that ache

There are moments
I take off and fly
And others I'm just getting by
Some days I stumble and cry
And some days I'm just lucky and I don't know why

So if you know how to be happy
Show me, show me
If you've got any of it figured out
Shout it right out

So I'll let these walls come down around me
I'll let tenderness surround me
There are days I've got to try hard to like myself
There are days I need a little help

I have never been so exposed
Uncharted land the journey I chose
A clock is ticking in my ear
There's little left to lose or fear

So, if you know how to be happy
Show me, show me
If you've got any of it figured out
Shout it right out


the album " one first time" was finished on april 2009 . there are 10 original songs in it.
the first single also titled " one first time"
is being released these days in israel and was already showcased in the israeli music tv channel, next steps would be album and single distribution worldwide .

Set List

A typical full set may include around 12 original songs ,1 or 2 covers and an instrumental tune, lasting about an hour. We decide on a set list and performance length according to the venue we play and the time allotted.