Yates Dew

Yates Dew

 Charleston, South Carolina, USA

Yates Dew's upcoming release, "Exhale Through Your Feet" will be in iTunes March 27, 2012. His previous album "The Day. The Dog. The Girl." is also available on iTunes. "Maybe the best local music I've heard in the singer-songwriter genre," states Charleston DJ "Critic" Voigt on 96 WAVF FM.


March 27, 2012 will bring the release of Yates Dew's third full-length solo album entitled, "Exhale Through Your Feet." The album features Yates on drums, guitar and bass on almost every track, in addition to his voice. It will also feature a handful of talented session players as well as four different female vocalists. This album, like his 2006 release "The Day. The Dog. The Girl." is engineered and co-produced by Parick Boyd of Sioux Sioux studios in Charlotte, NC.

"The Day. The Dog. The Girl." was released on July 11, 2006 and graced the #1 top-seller spot on Awarestore.com for over a week, as have his previous releases. Yates recruited whiz-kid producer Patrick Boyd and brought on a total of 10 musicians to complete this 9-song pop-rock record.

"Dew is at the top of his game," states THISISMODERN.NET. The Charleston Post and Courier gives it an A-. The Critic, DJ at 96 WAVF in Charleston, SC, said this, on air, regarding "The Day. The Dog. The Girl. “…In the singer-songwriter genre in Charleston, I don’t know if I’ve heard a better CD….very good stuff from the multi-talented Yates Dew…one of my favorite local artists…listen to how well produced this is, and catchy, and great musicianship, singing…this brings it all….nice package….this is the way to do it folks…this is a good CD, good artwork, and most importantly the songs are good…”

Currently an independent artist, Yates Dew has been courted by major record labels and management firms. Fronting bands as the singer songwriter/drummer/guitarist, Yates Dew has shared the stage with Cowboy Mouth, Drivin' N Cryin', Southern Culture on the Skids, Josh Joplin Group, Everything, Moe., Flemming and John, among many others.

With grassroots marketing, Yates has sold thousands of copies of his four previous records. He has received airplay on local stations and XM Radio. He was featured on "Notes from Home" a Record Exchange compilation CD with many acts including Ben Folds Five.

Reviewers have said that Yates echoes the sounds of Elvis Costello, Ben Folds, Counting Crows, and Brendan Benson.


Charleston, SC –Yates Dew will release his third full-length studio album, entitled “Exhale Through Your Feet” on March 27, 2012. Accolades have followed Dew's previous releases: Jim "The Critic" Voigt, of Charleston’s radio station 105.5 FM The Bridge, said with regard to Dew’s last release, (The Day. The Dog. The Girl.) “Maybe the best local stuff I've heard in the singer-songwriter genre." The Post and Courier's long-time music critic Devin Grant wrote, "The Residency EP gives seven solid reasons why fans of local music should pay attention to Dew." “Exhale Through Your Feet,” Dew’s most impressive effort to date, is poised to gain regional and national attention and airplay.

Dew wrote the music for "Exhale Through Your Feet" in his log-cabin studio that overlooks Charleston Harbor. As with his previous recordings, Dew performs virtually every instrument on the album: vocals, drums, guitar and bass. The album was recorded in three noteworthy Southeast studios. Following up on his last successful record, Dew re-enlisted the talents of producer Patrick Boyd of Sioux Sioux Studios (who has worked with Slow Runner, Noises 10, and Isaac Slade of The Fray) also supplemented Dew’s tracks with personal performances. A handful of talented guest musicians also compliment the record including four female vocalists. Notably enlisted are Asheville music scene darlings Mimi Bell (who has recorded with The Avett Brothers and G. Love) and national recording artist Shannon Whitworth.

"Exhale Through Your Feet," fits comfortably into both the singer-songwriter and pop-rock genres, although the style is completely Dew’s own. Some tracks will beckon Americana fans, (“I Wanted It Too” and “Hartwell”) and while possibly not by design, others are undeniably radio-ready, pop-rock gems (“Everyone Can Sing” and “Shoes”). The album is well rounded and sure to attract listeners from a wide demographic.

On this nine-song, full-length production, Dew took a different tact to his previous style of writing and recording by avoiding the pressures of worrying about a song's potential popularity - a mind-set that, in his opinion, could have clouded his creative vision in the past. "In hindsight, on my last few records I focused too much energy into crafting a radio hit rather than trying to lay down what I heard in my head. This time I just wanted to remain true to each song and not second-guess or manipulate anything beyond it’s natural realm,” Dew explains.

Dew continues to pursue music on his own terms. His music career spans numerous accolades, scholarships and achievements such as sharing the stage with national acts and having previously owned Charleston’s legendary music venue, The Music Farm. It was a period in which Dew states allowed him to “interact and gain inspiration from songwriting heroes like Jeff Tweedy (Wilco) and


Available on iTunes:
The Day. The Dog. The Girl. (July 11, 2007)

Available at shows:
Yates Dew, The Residency EP (2003)
Yates Dew, Self-titled, (2002)
United Hotcake - Quality Songs at Quality Prices (1999)

Out of Print:
Triple X - Nug (2001) - Winner of Millennium Music Pop Song of the Year Award (Charleston, SC)
Yates Dew - Out on a Limb (1994)

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20+ originals. When performing, I dig on obscure covers that challenge our style of playing....from REM to Wilco to John Waite to Joe Jackson....it keeps us on our toes and our audiences eat it up.