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Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States | SELF

Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States | SELF
Band Rock Pop


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"CD release review"

Ya Ya Boom (formerly the Ya Ya Boom project) too works in territory much-overlooked these days, namely smart challenging work that puts aside empty flash for well-played musicality. Jazz underpinnings with a funky Voidoids bassline and soaring vocals accentuated by sweet guitar jangle. Like U7D, the Ya Ya's don't need to batter their audience with obvious and overplayed convention. Layers of different styles meld into a thoughtful whole. Visually the band sported artfully scorched and burnt clothes as if the phone rang in the middle of doing the ironing. Let's hear it for intelligence and originality in music, which judging from which shows sell out in town, is in woeful short supply. - Wig Wam Ban

"CD release preview"

"Our core idea since the band started? It's always worked in a way that's collaborative, so not one person writes a song," Monica Demarco said. "We all write together, so as members have changed, the sound has changed." The new sound shows on the record, which has a classic, or garage, rock feel to many of the songs, but with a layered, music-theory edge that shows the band members are serious students of sound. But with that new sound comes a new name. The band is simply Ya Ya Boom now, without the project. "We've changed so much, it was time to adopt a new name," Demarco said. "You can tell where a band is coming from by the music," she said. "You can hear it in us. It's rock, but it sounds like the desert." - Albuquerque Journal

"CD review- "Isn't Pretty""

Despite the sheer size of Albuquerque's burgeoning music scene, there really aren't all that many bands with actual potential. It's nice to get to hear a local band that doesn't fall into the also-ran category. The Ya Ya Boom Project has put out a clean sounding album. This one might elevate them into the category of bands that have escaped the confines of Albuquerque and garnered some national fame. The first and sixth track particularly stand out on this album. The sixth track has a sound vocally reminiscent of both the Cranberries and No Doubt, though the overall sound of the song compares most favorably with mid-'90s Red Hot Chili Peppers. What is going to make this band famous is the unique sound qualities it brings to the table. The guitar work is by far the most fully realized of all the components of the band, though the vocals are by no means immature. It's clear that while Marissa Demarco is pretty good, she has yet to reach the absolute peak of her ability. When she does, people will buy this album on iTunes and at Borders - not CD Baby. - Daily Lobo

"CD review--"Pink Insides""

Consider putting on Ya Ya Boom Project's Pink Insides before beginning any number of grueling tasks. Whether it's competing in a triathlon or pulling mysterious chunks of hair from your shower drain, Pink Insides will give you the burst of energy you need to complete your endeavor in no time. The record gets most of its mileage from Marisa Demarco's vibrato-heavy vocals that are two parts Gwen Stefani and one part Agent M from Tsunami Bomb. At its core, Pink Insides is a clunker-free album of immediately gratifying and resourceful pop music. - Weekly Alibi


Balloon Heart (2010/2011)
Isn't Pretty
Pink Insides
What Grenade?!?



The colors are off in the desert, blown-out. It's the quality of the light from a brutal sun so close.

In that weird glare, Ya Ya Boom grew. Maybe that's why the band sounds the way it does, the sonics vivid and warped, the beats like kernels in dry heat, the voices layered and saturated.

It's a rock band. Vocals (Marisa Demarco), bass (Monica Demarco) and guitar (Carlos J.R. Garcia) and drums (Ryan Jarvis).

But the clever timing, the orchestration, the atypical harmonies and the vocal brawn make it more difficult to nail down beyond that. Power prog pop? Maybe. Orchestral pop rox? Sure. Punk, like back in the day before the genre went rigid? Ok. Ya Ya Boom has been described all of these ways.

The band released it's fourth LP in late November 2010. "Balloon Heart" sees Ya Ya Boom reaching across its borders, though still happily in its element. The song lineup is diverse: A big bar rock song bangs its chest near experiments in blending effects; a simple dance number sweats on a creepy operatic track. Through the genre hopping, the band's skill and personality provide the glue.

With a slot at South By Southwest this year and an ever-growing touring schedule, look for Ya Ya Boom in a club/ coffee shop/ house party/ DIY venue near you.

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