Seattle, Washington, USA

YOGOMAN plays Seattle - Jamaica - New Orleans Dance Riddims, and is lead by the world class drummer/lead singer and Independent artist Jordan Rain/Yogoman. The Band engages with audiences by providing inspired dance music while encouraging participation. From kids, teens, adults, parents to grandparents, Yogoman's music brings people together and creates happiness on the planet!


Band Leader/Conductor/Songwriter Jordan Rain/YOGOMAN is a world class drummer and highly dynamic singer who leads his band from the drum kit with panache. Rain formed YOGOMAN (the band) in 2005 to bring musical sunshine to his region by way of his original mix of Jamaican and New Orleans dance music. 

Raised in the Jet City, Rain came up through Seattle's underground/D.I.Y. all-ages music scene in the 1990's. YOGOMAN's music removes the barriers between audience, entertainers and the industry, making it a community party. YOGOMAN invites their audiences/fans/friends to engage with their music through dance, fun lyrics, and call and response, bringing to mind artists such as Cab Calloway, Toots & the Maytals, and James Brown. 

shared the stage with Jamaica's legendary Skatalites, Third World, Clinton Fearon (of the Gladiators) and collaborated/improvised live with Pato Banton, Junior Reid of Black Uhuru, and many independent M.C.'s and instrumentalists. YOGOMAN travels worldwide with his musical family to play festivals, private parties, weddings and anywhere a celebration is needed. YOGOMAN is internationally recognized for their fun and top quality musical experience.  

Latest Festivals: Victoria, B.C. International Ska & Reggae Festival, Oregon Country Fair, Newberry Arts and Music Festival...

See Jordan Rain's full Musical history HERE 

YOGOMAN has been voted and awarded the following:

* BEST BAND/MUSICIAN by Cascadia Weekly Magazine (2 Years)
* BEST BOOTY SHAKIN' MUSIC by What's Up Music Magazine (6 Years)
* BEST UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL by What's Up Music Magazine
* BEST SELLING LOCAL ALBUM at Everyday Music (Bellingham)
* LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD by What's Up Music Magazine



Dragon Bus

Written By: Jordan Rain

I don't know why it didn't stop, I missed the Dragon Bus (X4)

It was half past 5 with my girl Meixing
We walked out to the bus stop from the CDC (Child Development Center,where Mei attended day care)
Mei said dadda won't you sing it fast for me
Well if you're happy and you know it won't you clap with me
We ready to cross the street I said to look both ways
you've got to check them auto before you walk across the street
Now Mei Mei took my hand, she made me feel grand
Cos this is Papa Yogo pon the microphone stand
We wait a little bit and I begin to sing a song
I'm drumming on my lap my little girl began to stomp
Come on I said Mei Mei now we gwan catch a ride
when it opens up the mouth you've gotta step it inside

We stood on the sidewalk
In front of the bus stop
It was a freezin' outside
And the Dragon just a flew right by

I don't know why it didn't stop, I missed the Dragon Bus (X4)

So we pop it up and mixed it up and tried to stay warm
I’m jumpin’ up and down like in a two year old form
C’mon I said Mei Mei now we gwan catch a ride
When it opens up the mouth we got to step inside
We hopped upon the bus and gave a hello to the driver
I told him why my daughter call it the dragon rider
The bus color green and he mentioned to me
That ridin’ on the dragon is a figure of speech
Sometimes I think my daughter is a very old soul
She talk sophisticated like she fifty years old
She said a lot of things that really shock me
But on the way home she pulled the yellow string

I don't know why it didn't stop, I missed the Dragon Bus (X4)


Written By: Jordan Rain

Doin my thing I came across your wing we hit up in the clouds and I could hear you singin
And the sound delight it cold touched my eyes your lips hips and thighs it’s goin’ down tonight
If I don’t loose my couth it comes from my youth I get wild though I’m tame slightly deranged
When the temperature rose I wanted time to stop, take off my clothes and gently touch your skin

It was just a dream but dreams do come true when I was out of my mind but I could taste the blues
of your love bittersweet and then deeply red so sweet I want to cherish your golden cues
With the buzz aromatic of your pheromone sherry wine sweet lips swooned down on mine, we
doin’ the thing that lovers do but I don’t want you to fade out of my life so come and stick with me eternal like super glue … yeah like super glue

One more time lets go down for the money it’s time to get rich sweet bread and honey
Butter me ya little biscuit ‘cos your cuter than that there where you got nasty but I’m still your big bear,
Beware sugar dumplin’ when I get rough it’s really not tough stuff, I really just can’t control
the way you make me feel wild child like an animal though I try to stay tame
You bring it out in me coz we got that game…

I’m in Love, with you now, I’m in love, with you girl
I’m in Love, with you now, I’m in love, with you babe.

Set List

Because of the variety of shows we play, we range from 30 minute house shows, 45 minute multi-band bills, 60 min. festivals, 1.5 hour two band bills, to 3 hour weddings, private parties or single billed events.