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Album Year Title
1st 1995 In front of the autumn
post office
2nd 1997 Yoon Do Hyun & Band
3rd 1998 An estrangement
4th 1999 Singing the korean rock agian
5th 2001 An Urbanite
6th 2003 [YB] Stream
7th 2006 Why be?

Live Album Year Title
1st 2000 Live 1.
2nd 2002 Live is Life

The Others Year Title
DVD 2002 Live is Life
Movie 2006 On the road, two

Solo Album Year Title
Yoon Do Hyun 2005 Difference



YB Profile

YB (YOON BAND) is a rock group consisting of 4 musicians - vocalist Skitter D.H (Yoon Do-hyun), guitarist Baby J (Huh Jun), drummer Jin (Kim Jin-won) and bass guitarist Taehee (Park Tae-hee).

Since their inception in 1994, YB have released a total of 8 regular albums and one DVD album, and have won several awards in Korea for sales of more than 2,000,000 records. Each year, they play 100+ concerts and perform in front of more than 500,000 people.

During the Korea-Japan World Cup game in 2002, the band sang 'Oh, pil-seung Korea (Oh, victory to Korea)' and 'Ari-rang' in front of the millions of cheering home fans and overnight became Korea's indisputable #1 rock band.

They won the best music awards from Korea's three main broadcast stations KBS, MBC and SBS, and won the WPMA (World Peace Music Award) in 2003 for their activities in promoting human rights.

In 2005, YB were the first Korean band to ever tour Europe, and even released a single in the UK.

This was followed by 2 solo concerts in New York in November 2006. They performed at B.B King's Blues Club, and tickets for this concert were sold out after 20 days!

Musically, the band combines rock with traditional instruments such as the Gayakum (a Korean musical instrument with twelve strings) or the Daekum (a Korean traditional wooden clarinet) for recordings.