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"Artist Interview"

If you read Young Beezy's aka Son of David's Facebook page, you'll see, 'A musical journey where God meets rap to uplift your spirit, teach the basics of Christ and learn to walk upright as Christ did and raise up leaders all over the world in our generation for God?.' This is how Young Beezy describes his music and his mission. Click here to purchase his latest project.

This young man is an inspiration and an example of what the Word of God can do. Invite him to speak to your youth groups, perform at your conferences, or just book him for your son or daughters next birthday party.

For more info about Young Beezy, check out his Facebook page or for bookings, contact - Lady T from 100.7 FM

"Download New "Kingdom Takeover" Mixtape"


Artist Name: Young Beezy Son of David

Release Date: 11/3/12

Mixtape Title: Kingdom Takeover

Mixed by: Dj Dotcom
Twitter: @ybsodmusic
Instagram: @ybsodmusic
Producer: AbosolutBeatz
Track List:
Track 01: Kingdom Takeover Intro feat. Norris J & Kyle Thompson
Track 02: Outerspace feat. Adrion Butler & Jeff Hamm
Track 03: Yeah feat. Gael Boom
Track 04: Beat my flesh feat. ShySpeaks
Track 05: Riggity Rep feat. Soul Hussle Gang
Track 06: Goon to a Christian
Track 07: Well Done
Track 08: Heaven is my Hood - Young Beezy Son of David


The Blood Running pt.1 Mixtape- 2007
Mount Carmel Mixtape- 2008
The Blood Running pt. 2 Mixtape 2009
1st Album- The Blood Runneth over- 2011
Kingdom Takeover Mixtape- 2012
The Best Kept Secret Mixtape- 2012

Singles that have received and are being played in constant rotation on the radio:

Dance Like David Did feat. Ty Jones
Heaven is my Hood
Outerspace feat. Adrion Butler & Jeff Hamm
Goon to a Christian
Yeah feat. Gael Boom
Holy Holy
Im Saved



Stephan ((Young Beezy Son of David)) McGrew started to realize his passion for music at the age of 8. Now he is 23, newly wed to Monae Charice McGrew, and making Jesus famous through his music. He always knew he loved music, being in the church youth choir to being in choir at the elementary level and middle school level. But the lord lets him go through things as a child to make him wiser and stronger as an adult. Around his transition from 8th grade to the 9th grade. He started to deal with personal problems such as girls, drugs, gangs, and feeling alone and not accepted. He dealt with everything on his own not wanting help from outside counsel. In doing this, the devil rushed in like a flood and tried to take Y.B.S.O.D mind, relationship with his family, and finally his life. But little did he know God already had him covered even when he fell. God always picked him back up. He started rapping around the age of 14 and 15 but for the world, talking about a whole lot of nothing. Now Y.B.S.O.D has always had the gift of influence and leadership since he was a little child. He was always the leader and loved to stand out above the rest and take on the leadership role of the group. But he didn’t know God was setting him up for something greater than his understanding. He was called not to just lead his friends and small church groups but to lead the next generation to Christ and build an army of young strong men and women of God to turn this world around for Gods glory. When he found out that God had blessed him with the gifts of singing and rapping, he started out trying to just make it big and be all about himself. Until one summer day at a Gospel Tabernacle Church youth camp, at the age of 16. God turned his life around. Thanks to his mother(Esther McGrew) and Lady Virgina Brown they lead him into going. Since that week at camp, the Lord has been dealing with him in a mighty way. He started out on fire for the Lord seeking different ways he could use his talents and gifts and fell in Love with Christian Rap. It appealed more to him, because all of his life he heard sex, drugs, pride, and materialistic lifestyles being glorified. But when he heard christian rap the holy spirit in him confirmed what he would be doing. The music was not self glorifying and degrading but spirit led, uplifting, God Glorified music. Artist such as Lecrae, Trip Lee, Flame, Da Truth, Trust, Explicit, Xsedus, Heata, Dooney Da Priest, Bigg Saint, Big Tyme, Wisdom, Big Nick, DejaVu, M.O.G, TruServent, Pastor Lisa Glenn and many more inspired this great feeling and excitement to do Christian Rap. As the youngest in the industry he received a lot of hate and down talking from the older guys. Making him feel as though he had to live up to their standards in order to be successful in life, but God cleared his mind and reassured Beezy that if he put his trust in the Lord and not man, God is presenting Beezy before all those who laughed at him and down talked him, made him feel smaller than them because he didn’t live the life they thought was best for him and tried to be dictating rulers over his life. God has given Beezy the will and the desire to minister through rap prophetically and gave him the business mindset to start his own entertainment group called ANOINTED ENTERTAINMENT. Which will later turn into Anointed Records, Anointed Clothing Line and Anointed TV. This is not just an idea but an action that is in motion as you read. God is training up Y.B.S.O.D not only as THE LEADER OF THE YOUTH. But as a PROPHET, a TEACHER, and a pattern to follow for many generations to come . The process is happening so quick that it is unbelievable, with the guidance of his father(HENRY MCGREW) and his spiritual father(DAVID E. MARTIN) BISHOP of GOSPEL TABERNACLE CHURCH, LOCATED AT-445 S. MASTERS DR, DALLAS, TX, 75217. Y.B.S.O.D is a natural born LEADER, and you can see it in every aspect of his life. God has anointed Y.B.S.O.D to Lead this next generation and God’s hand is on his life as he continues to seek God’s face. He just released his brand new debut album “The Blood Runneth Over” that is transforming the live of young people all over the world. So just know young people if there is a role model that you would love to look up to Young Beezy Son of David is a great ROLE MODEL for you to follow. He loves Christ with everything in him, he loves you, the next generation of excellence and wants nothing but the best for you, himself and all the followers of Christ. So if your not to prideful, show your fellow christian brother Young Beezy Son of David your support and help him be the leader he is as he helps you become the leader that you are suppose to be and go out and tell all of your friends about Christ and bring them into the kingdom and lets have fun doing it. Be Blessed.