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YDX - released in 2008. Available on iTunes and Amazon MP3. Airplay on Last.fm



YDX – Ten Years In The Making

Electronic music rarely sounds as deep as this. But then again, few albums in the genre can claim to be ten years in the making.
YDX's debut album is a testament to hard work as much as musical inspiration. YDX is a musical project created by Canadian composer Yann Duguay, and this record has been gestating for nearly a decade in his mind. Having worked on it full-time for the last 12 months after quitting a successful carrer as a lawyer, this Quebec native finally offers his unique musical vision to the world.
A mix of the best parts of piano-driven electronic dance music, classical, and new age, YDX's music will appeal to young clubbers and to the older, more discerning fan alike. But the fact that it has universal appeal does not mean that the music is bland. Far from it! It is simply music that refuses to be put in any particular box.
"To me it's just music that's fun to listen to," says Yann. "Is it orchestral electronica? Melodic techno? Piano with beats? Cheeseburger music? Who knows!" And quite frankly, when the tunes are this good, who cares?
What we do know is that this lawyer turned musical pioneer is obsessive about about his new calling. He says he has an “incessant need to make music.” This is partly because, despite being influenced by such pioneers of electronic music as Vangelis, Jean Michel Jarre and Mike Oldfield, Duguay’s sound is all of his own.

Even as a child taking piano lessons he would be punished for playing his own tunes instead of those he was supposed to be practicing. And this inventiveness has served him well as he combines his myriad influences with his personal musical philosophy. What that has produced is an aural landscape, almost like a film score. It is a heady mix of strong melodies and epic soundscapes, of electronic and traditional music, of the old and the new.

The real strength though, is how YDX produces such harmony from all these elements. It is a personal sound that will nonetheless reach and touch thousands of new listeners. And, most importantly, it’s fun!

(from Beatwire.com)