St. Louis, Missouri, USA
BandHip HopPop

We have over ten years of recording and peforming experience. Since 2007 we've released four independent underground hip-hop/rap albums. Our music can be desrcibed as innovative, catchy and real. We perform with our live band (THE Y.E.$ BAND) to broaden our stage presence and the crowd loves it!


Y.E.$(YUNG.ENTREPRENEUR.SQUAD) were formed in their hometown of St.Louis, Mo in 2006 when members Menace(Dennis Jordan), Miz(Jarrell Green), and Yung P(Kieth Jones jr.) of the local group "Hard Headz" decided that City B(Verlon Williams) a neighborhood friend a solo artist originally from Detroit,Mi would be the missing piece to their puzzle. After breaking away from a previous Independent Record deal, The four decided a fresh start was necessary; after brainstorming the Y.E.$ were born! The group has opened up for major artists like Lil Wayne, D4L, B.G, Crime Mob and more... In 2007 the Y.E.$ dropped their first independent street album entitled "Respect Da Unexpected" (produced by Yung P.) which sold 5,000 units.Their single "Wack Shit"off the album created a huge buzz in the streets. HOT 104.1(local radio station in St. Louis, MO) quickly put it into rotation. The group started their own record label by the name of Y.E.$ ENT. in january of 2009. shortly after, the group finished their second and third independent album entitled "self emplyed" and "lunch break" which also made noise in the streets of st. louis and atlanta, ga. Now, back with their fourth independent album entitled "a tribe call Y.E.$" the guys are busy promoting and growing their brand and music . They still remain swaggerific, family oriented, fun loving and humble guys.Y.E.$'s goals are to tour the world, be positive examples, inspire people through their music and stories about their trials and tribulations, help their families out of poverty stricken circumstances and continue giving hope to all up and coming artists (not just in the hip hop genre).