Yea Big + Kid Static

Yea Big + Kid Static

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High energy action packed rhymes, banging jump-cut beats, and an intensely atypical live hip hop performance.


Yea Big (aka Stefen Robinson) and Kid Static (Kid Static) met in late 2005 when after Stefen's search for a vocalist to work with only led him to getting trashed on Chicago's biggest hip hop community message board. Upon reading the slanderous message, Static decided to contact Stefen. Jump to a year and a half later, Yea Big + Kid Static's self-titled first release on Locust Music/Jib Door is set to explode.

Yea Big + Kid Static is hip hop for the stationarily challenged, the soundtrack for your next dance-off, the preamble to next your coup. Yea Big + Kid Static will overcome you like a band of parkour ninjas wearing jet packs leaping over your grandmother's privacy fence to steal a pie. Yea Big + Kid Static are one part short shorts, one part cybernetic organism, all parts awesome. Yea Big + Kid Static are a comic book style action figure for all ages, ready to destroy the plastic casing and blow up the spot with the power and skill of 47 stuntmen wearing mylar battle gear. Be prepared to duck.

When they're not blowing up spots, one travels the country jumping on to and flying off of buildings, while the other practices mind control techniques over a pack of designer breed dogs. Among the supporting cast of Yea Big + Kid Static is Brad "Freeck" Breeck of the Mae-Shi (Kill Rockstars/5RC), Hank Hofler of Oh Astro (Illegal Art), Gregory A. Odeneal, Manpreet Bedi, Stephen Ganser, and Eric Lower.

-Tommy Lowery, FMT Promotions.


"Yea Big + Kid Static" - Yea Big + Kid Static - Locust Music/Jib Door 2007 US

"The Wind That Blows The Robot's Arms" - Yea Big - Locust Music/Jib Door 2006 US

"Have You Seen This Man?" - Kid Static - Anodyne Electric Company 2005 US

"Goddamn!!" - The Cankles - Shinfoot Records 2005 US

"Hello World" - Oh Astro - Illegal Art 2005 US

Set List

We do one 30-45 minute set of original material. Extremely high energy, quick paced, and body damaging dancing.