Year and a Day

Year and a Day


Year and a Day, through changes and refinements have compiled five very unique players and are creating some of the most captivating, energetic hard rock being performed by any independent artist today.


Formed in 2000, Year and a Day combine elements of modern alternative, hard rock and heavy metal resulting in music, that while distinctively different, is in line with today's radio market. Musical influences ranging from Chicago to Ozzy Osbourne gives Year and a Day the musical diversity needed to create songs unique to their style. While their ballads ring flavors of TRAPT their harder hitting song reflect the KORN influences. You just have to witness it for yourself, be it live or via recordings, to truly understand the power of their songs.

Determination and an ever growing fan base is what drives them to aspire to the next level. Extensive performances throughout the SE has given Year and a Day the experience required to perform the professional quality shows they do. Continually being asked back to the venues is a sure sign they are a crowd pleaser.

Radio play for Year and a Day is growing daily with exposure from national shows such as XMRadio, with four songs currently on the Radio Unsigned play list, to regional stations across the SE.

In addition to opening for Act such as- Submersed, Crossfade, Crazy Anglos, Journey, Better Than Ezra, Silvertide, Slunt, Loser, Lynam, Tantric , Buck Cherry, Theory Of A Dead Man, Black Stone Cherry, Pepper, Slightly Stoopid, and being a part of the Jagermeister Music Tour in 2006.

Endorsement by Silver Fox Percussion,Spector Bass, SWR Sound, Randall May Performace Percussion, Levy Leathers, Krank Amps, Jager Music - inclusion in the annual Anit-Industry compilation CD.

The dawn of a new day in rock is here with YEAR AND A DAY!

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Shattered Souls

Written By: Year and a Day

One last token, one last cheer
Soaked unclear mind behind the wheel
For my destiny ride which I thought was near
Took a turn for the worse wakes my darkest fears, await

(chorus) Awake, a dream away uncertain reality
A spirit rise and look down upon this
The soul I stand beside surely stares right back at me
For I kneel beside a sin myself cannot forgive.

The one lies broken, the one can not live
A life I've taken I snap back inside myself
One lost token, one lost cheer
Concise bitter, realms through my darkest fear await

repeat chorus

The Unknown

Written By: Ryan Hogeland

Lyrics: Ryan Hogeland
Music: Year And A Day

Verse 1:
I've seen you from falling skies to be unknown and to hear no lies. Memories lost are never clear. As I make my way. I live in fear. I just need someone to talk to I've been waiting for so long.

I cannot not see you Is it worth so much to be alone. When we haven't said goodbye my soul my soul will be unknown.

Verse 2:
Yet I find a hut inside. It's just another face to hide. But in shame I just can't do that I’ve crossed that line so many times.
Memories lost are never clear, as I make my way, I live in fear. I just need someone to talk to I’ve been waiting for so long.





New Album in the Works. Being Produced By Brett Hestla of Dark New Day, Creed, Virgos.

Self Titled- 3 Song Demo Released Jan '06

CONVICTIONS - debut full length CD released May '04

UNDERMIND - 3 song EP released in 2003

Self Titled - Demo released Jan 2001

Set List

While Year and a Day are primarily an original band in order to perform as much as they do an occasional cover is necessary.

Currently have 20 originals in their set list, enough for approximately 60 mins of non-stop
entertainment. Calculate in the covers and YAAD can easily accomplish three to five hours of performing.

Year And A Day
Album # 1 Undermind 2002
Enter The Madness
My Monday
Not A Dream

Album # 2 Convictions 2004
Shatterd Soul
Like Suicide
The Unknown
Another Wall

New Songs 2005-2006
To Blame
My Fault
Starting Over
Almost Forever
Need To Know
Don't Know Me

Cover Songs

Black Crows
Talks to Angels

Bryan Adams
Summer Of 69

Breakin Benjiman
So Cold
Diary Of Jane

Buck Cherry
Crazy B****

Send The Pain Below